Thursday Thoughts: A Promise to Myself

As many of you know, it’s hard to do things without giving them a try. There are so many days I sit and wonder, “What the hell am I hungry for”? I usually go through my usual “go-to” meals or think about having something else, but wonder if it’s “healthy” enough, etc. These thoughts bother me and sometimes. I really don’t know if I’m hungry for something or I’m eating it for the sake of knowing it’s relatively a balanced meal. Or it’ll be the healthier alternatives (like Puffins over Reeses’ Puffs) and I’ll wonder if it’s really what I want to eat or if I’m just trying to do a fake out. Or maybe it’s just a good alternative? Or maybe I’m just really overthinking things?
I expressed this to someone and the little birdie told me something very intelligent. Winking smile I need to try things even if I think I don’t think I like them to see how I feel after I eat them. If I enjoy them, great. If I don’t, then I know I really don’t want them and it’s not disordered eating telling me otherwise. This is the reason I kinda, sorta, really like blogging. It’s such a simple thing but sometimes you just need someone to tell you. Insert “Awww”.


So, I got a DQ cookie dough blizzard. In seventh grade, I gave up fast food for Lent and have not gone back (except for Chipotle, Panera, etc.). Ice cream wasn’t included at first, but then I added it. Well, I was craving a blizzard and instead of going through the normal questioning… I decided to go for it.


Surprisingly, there weren’t many negative thoughts while eating it. I knew how many calories were in it and for some reason, I didn’t care. I wanted it. So, I got it. And pretty much the only thought consuming it was, “This is totally worth it. I wonder if it’s possible to be so happy I die right now”? And I went to bed with cookie dough in my bell-ay and woke up alive.


The verdict? Today, I kind of felt blah. Now, I’m not sure if it was necessarily the blizzard but my body does feel kind of off. It might have shocked my system. I don’t really know. But, I’m not really sure if I like it? It’s weird, because I’m no longer craving a DQ blizzard. Actually, I think I’d be okay without one for a while. Dare I say I missed getting a frozen yogurt with tons and tons of sprinkles? Or eating my normal greek yogurt, nut butter, cereal, and fruit meal before bed?

I guess I just like those little gems of sugar.


At least Elmo was happy, too. Open-mouthed smile They gave him a free “doggie dish”. How cute, right?!


The promise I made to myself a while ago is if I can run again, I have to make sure I eat enough and things have to change. I understand “rewarding” yourself isn’t the way to go about things, but I denied myself a lot while I was running and I should have embraced eating whatever the hell I wanted to eat. So, I totally burned enough calories on my .5 mile run in the morning for the blizzard. Winking smile Totally kidding. But, if I’m blessed with having a second chance at running… I need to keep this promise to myself, for myself.

What’s your favorite DQ blizzard?
What do you crave a lot?
Sushi. And coffee. And ice cream with sprinkles.


33 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: A Promise to Myself

  1. I ALWAYS reward myself, maybe too much? But I always tell myself I have to earn my extra I run for them!! It works for me haha. I am SOSOSO proud of you for getting that blizzard, and now you don’t crave it!! Imagine that!! AMAZING! Cookie dough is the best kind too…WELL DONE! I crave cupcakes a lot, and PB..I eat a lot of PB haha.

    • I eat a lot of peanut butter, too. My mom said the other day she’s happy PB was invented because it’s probably the only thing which kept my body running on the tough times. I couldn’t give it up. Thankfully. And cupcakes are always an option! They’re just so cute and bite sized!

  2. I’m really proud of you for trying something new. Even if it wasn’t all you had hoped and dreamed for, it’s exciting. My favorite DQ blizzard? I actually have no idea because we don’t have one near me LOL. I really like hard ice cream the best though so in upstate NY when I would get a hard ice cream blizzard at a local cremary I’d say cake batter with added pieces of cake.

    • You have to try one DQ blizzard! They really are good but I always got a belly ache even when I was younger, so it’s one of those once and done things LOL. And I really like cake batter with the pieces of cake and sprinkles, too. Especially birthday cake remix at Coldstone!

  3. I think it is good to step out of your comfort zone like that. my thought is that most likely it is all mental the feeling you have today – i hope you enjoyed it lady and do it more often. i was always told you change a behavior by doing it over and over and over… you get me?

    • I believe in it 100%. The more you do something, the more it just becomes a habit and easier over time! And I’m not sure if it was mental because I got sick on them every time I ate them as a kid, but I just ate them anyway. LOL I think it’s just ALL of the sugar and ice cream at once, my stomach just goes crazy!

  4. Good choice. Very very very good choice. When I saw your DQ cup I immediately scrolled around to find out what flavor you got. Cookie dough blizzards are like my favorite food ever. Seriously. When I think about all of the food that I miss with my allergies cookie dough surpasses everything. Including peanut butter. And if you knew how much I missed peanut butter you would know that was a big deal 😉 Haha.

    This is a great first step and a great realization! I always remember the saying that you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. Obviously nothing in life is a guarantee but if we don’t even try we have a 0% chance of succeeding and getting better.

    • If I couldn’t eat peanut butter, I would DIE so I can only imagine how you feel not eating cookie dough!!! I like the quote about the lottery ticket. It’s entirely true! You have to at least try before you say you don’t like it or can’t do it!

  5. I have to remind myself to try new foods and stuff– I’m bad about being like “I don’t know if I will like it” when I have never had anything like it. Good news is my fiance is on a “strange food” kick right now so I have tried lots of new healthy things!

    I love ice cream and always crave it. Like always.

    And it’s not IF you run again, its WHEN. You are strong and will get there… I know it!

    • I will definitely try new foods but I’m bad with calories and stuff now. It’s frustrating because I know the calories to almost everything from just looking up so much over the years. It’s a BAD habit.

      Thanks, girl. Love your support ❤ Only time will tell!

  6. I think that’s so awesome you were able to honor your craving and get the DQ blizzard. When we truly want something and we enjoy eating it, there is no reason to feel guilty. Actually, there is never any reason to feel guilty for eating (except the dumb reasons our disordered minds make up).

    I’ve actually never had the cookie dough blizzard, but I love the pumpkin pie ones when they come out in the fall. I heard DQ has a new s’mores blizzard, so I’m thinking I need to get there soon to try that one 🙂

    And I agree with Laura…you WILL run again. Think positive!!!

    • I was going to get the Smores but my heart was SET on the cookie dough. I knew if I didn’t get the cookie dough I would feel I missed out. So, yes, I did honor my true cravings. 😀 And thank you for the encouragement! If you try the Smores blizzard let me know how it is!

  7. this is such an amazing post. I am super proud of you! People always think it’s bad to give in to cravings but always better to eat a little and be satisfied than binge on it later. glad you went with it and got what you wanted. you could feel a little funny because you haven’t eaten something for a long time. like with me, I don’t eat much fast food or fatty foods and when I do my stomach gets all kinds of crazy. happy thursday gorgeous!

    (formerly blogged at Mouthwatering Morsel)

    • It is SO true the more you avoid your cravings, the more you end up binging! Whenever I would deny myself things, I would constantly pick at tons and tons of things. It was nice to sit down and eat something I wanted without finishing it to realize I was completely unsatisfied! And I think so, too, because I eat healthy/unprocessed foods almost all the time. My stomach was probably like WOAH!

    • I’ve been eating a HECK of a lot of ice cream lately, too. I think it’s the summer! 😉 Or I’m just telling myself it is!

      I had 6 different surgeries :/ It has been a long two years! It started out with two meniscus tears and then they realized I had a stress fracture, so I got cement put in. Well, I was allergic to it, my body rejected it, and I had real bone put in during my last procedure. It’s been a rough, rough time.

  8. I’m so happy for you that you just went for the DQ blizzard just because you wanted to know if you still liked it or not. I’ve had to do that with a lot of past foods I enjoyed, just to see if I actually didn’t like them or if I was convincing myself not to like them.
    The weird thing is I’ve tried a lot of foods I once loved and still don’t find myself liking them all that much. I mean sometimes it’s nice to have ice cream (well, coconut for me) but I usually just prefer my own homemade stuff where I can cram on as many toppings as I like and control the flavor.
    I think it’s just a great thing to get out of the comfort zone with food some of the time. Just to expand out taste palettes.
    And yes to your running! I think it’s so awesome you made that healthy promise to yourself!<3

    • I think I convince myself I don’t like things either after years and years of saying, “I don’t want this, I don’t want that” over and OVER again. I have to re-train my brain almost as to what it really likes and doesn’t like. I’m the same way with liking to make things myself so I can top it with whatever. I think that’s why I’m drawn to frozen yogurt places, too, because if I want one of everything I can get ONE of everything. Lol

  9. You should be so proud of yourself. I know this is something I still struggle with and I’m 3 years out of it. It’s tough (especially knowing calorie counts) to just let go and eat what you want. I used to always go for the healthy alternative- I still do. I honestly love that you gave it a shot and you’re going into running with an entirely new attitude and perspective. Keep truckin’ girl- it will hopefully only get easier!

    • I know sometimes going with the healthier alternative isn’t necessarily a BAD thing. It’s when you just try to health-ify an already healthy dish (like you just posted about) or just CONSTANTLY deprive yourself of things. You can’t do 100% healthy… You have to at least do 80/20 and on bad weeks 50/50. Lol. I’m trying really hard to get a new perspective on things and re-train my brain. I hope it gets easier but I love knowing I have people who can help me and give advice, too! 😀

  10. I’ve had SOOO many instances recently when I’ve eaten things outside of my comfort zone and thought to myself “why don’t I feel WORSE about this??”. It is actually quite fantastic if you think about it. Also, I think waking up the next morning and not wanting another Blizzard for a long time is a GOOD thing. Mentally, I mean. It proves to you that you aren’t going to eat something scary and then want more and more and more and then never stop eating it. You know? You ate it, and now your body is satisfied for awhile. Sounds normal and healthy to me!

    • I couldn’t believe I didn’t feel guilt while I was eating it. It was really strange to sit there and wait for the bad thoughts to come creeping in but I just had a smile on my face and watched the rest of House Hunters lol. And it is a good realization I won’t go overboard if I’m actually just feeding my body what it wants to eat!

  11. i always try to encourage my daughter to try new things before declaring she doesn’t like them… so far, it’s been amazing and she’s more adventurous than me! i crave watermelon all summer long and we go through about 3 a week!

  12. I’m with you on craving sushi! Sometimes I crave guacamole/homemade salsa, caprese salad because I LOVE basil, and spicy food like Thai or Indian. Essentially I crave everything. It is a rare day for me to crave dessert though…but sometimes that happens too 😉 Glad you enjoyed the Blizzard and I hope it wasn’t the culprit of you feeling blah!

    • They used to give me a belly ache as a kid, so it was probably just a normal reaction lol! And I crave a lot of different things, too. It depends on my mood and season… And how good/bad my day has been 😉

  13. ugh, i am always overthinking what i want to eat, what i should eat, if i am really hungry or not, etc. good for YOU on the blizzard. any cheesecake blizzard is my kryptonite. i love cheesecake and i also adore coldstone’s cheesecake ice cream. you know what pairs so well with anything cheesecake? red wine. or bourbon. i need to settle down. but seriously i’m proud of you. i haven’t had ice cream or froyo yet this summer. i need an ice cream cone.

  14. Great job on not overthinking it and going straight for the DQ blizzard! I wish we had something similar in Australia, I LOVED DQ when I was in the states! Its Winter now and a heater and something warm ticks my cravings!

    • It’s weird to hear someone say it’s Winter right now when it’s like 100 degrees outside here 😛 But, you are on the other side of the planet! I crave coffee all year long so I’m with you on the warm things

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