time to myself and cookie monster

Is it just me or did this weekend fly by?! I’m not sure why this weekend seemed to fly by more than others, but it definitely feels like it should only be Saturday. I’m not complaining, though, because the heat wave is almost over and we all know Monday-Friday mornings are marvelous for me…


You’ll know what I’ll be doing this morning. Winking smile Aside from this, my parents were gone all last week (which I didn’t mention for safety purposes, obviously) and they brought me back some Turks coffee, a t-shirt, bracelets, and some nail polish which changes color in the sun. Awesome! I missed my mom so much it makes me realize our relationship has changed a lot.


I got a new nail China glaze nail polish from Ulta, but it’s definitely not my favorite. I’m not sure if the formula is different but it’s definitely not as great as my barbie nails!


Elmo and I got haircuts, finally. It’s been probably over 8 months since my last haircut and I needed it. I went with the intention of just a trim but managed to my hairstylist to cut more off. Baby steps. It feels so much better!


Since I was left to fend for myself last week, I was walking so much more and yes, I did try to run a little bit. I’m loving being able to walk more but I just hope it stays this way. Either way, just getting out in the morning to walk with Elmo for about 30 minutes is awesome. I’m savoring every second.


Did I mention I love cookies? The blizzard was a once and done craving but oh man, fresh baked cookies from a bakery?! Totally different story. #addicted


My brother and his girlfriend got me this on their vacation to Virginia beach, too! The little gem on the inside says “Elmo” and “Mommy”. Yes, I am mommy. Smile


Overall, this week was really good and kind of a detox. Sometimes I believe times to yourself let you figure things out and this week apart from my parents allowed me to test how much I can do and listen to myself. There are times I wonder if I’m not doing enough in fear of making something worse, but it’s a chance I have to take I guess. Life is about learning and I’m definitely learning a lot lately.

What’s something great from your weekend?
Favorite kind of cookie?

I love a fresh gooey chocolate chip cookie with walnuts. YUM.


43 thoughts on “time to myself and cookie monster

  1. I actually love the batter for chocolate chip cookies without the chips, I know I’m strange. And the changing color nail polish sounds like so much fun. You’ll have to show us some of the colors it turns to 🙂

  2. I love all cookies, but something about chocolate chip (home made) are my favorite. Although there are these “Russian Tea cakes” I used to make a lot when I was younger that I really love and need to make again soon!

    I love that you are walking more, that has to be a huge mental boost!

  3. I’m so glad you had an amazing week and weekend. I love have time to myself to think and reflect; it’s so cathartic! And as for cookies, I love them all equally. I would never discriminate ;).

  4. love the bright nails. LOVE. smart of you to keep your parents’ absence on the DL until they got back. i have definitely not done that in the past and am right now realizing that’s an internet safety #fail. thank you for instilling in me a precaution i will surely take next time! i got super close to my mom once i entered recovery (not sure if that is a part of it for you) and i realized when she went away for the first time since i’d started trying to get better just how much i’d been leaning on her for support. kinda had a mini panic attack. it’s so awesome that you did so well with her being away but i’m sure it’s great to have her back. mmm cookies. i love cookies and fresh baked are def the best. i don’t eat cookies often especially the packaged kind but freshly baked are hard to pass up.

  5. Sounds like such a great and motivating weekend for you, so happy to hear that. I agree, sometimes it’s nice to be alone and just be able to kind of “detox” from others advice and just concentrate on yourself. A good think from my weekend was hanging with a bunch of friends Saturday night, always fun.

  6. So happy for you girly and this blog post makes me happy because you’re happy! I’m glad you’re enjoying walking and spending time with Elmo and things are going well with your mom. Those are definitely some nice treats she got for you and I like the bright yellow nail polish.

    Chocolate chip cookies are so delicious, especially warm from the oven!

  7. Awe that sounds like a great weekend and oh could I go for some chocolate chip cookies right now. Warm though as it’s pouring rain and I’m not in the mood to deal with anything at room temperature or cold. This weekend did fly by though, I agree with that.

  8. Girl, I totally agree, nothing beats freshly baked cookies! Yum! That nail polish sounds so cool, though! I can’t believe it changes colors, that’s awesome! Also, I love love love that necklace your brother and his girl friend gave you! It’s adorable! Hope you’re having a great week 🙂

  9. I like that bracelet! I love cookies too–my favorite are kitchen sink cookies. I like lots of ingredients in them!

    • I always stress only a trim but for some reason, I let her chop more off than I normally would at this appointment. And for once, I LOVED the haircut. It was getting too long it was just kind of gross-looking. My ends were SO split and frayed. Yuck!

  10. Mommy and Elmo? That’s so cute – as is the necklace itself.
    I’m so glad you get to enjoy walks with Elmo again! While I’m finally cleared to run again I was in the same situation last year. I’d just bought a new pair of running shoes and then could “just” walk in them for months. But as you said every minute of it felt awesome. Simply being able to move around can be such a fantastic feeling.
    And colour-changing nail polish? Tell me where I can find that ;). Just a random memory: When I was younger we used to get one of those [awfully frizz-inducing] two-in-one shampoo and shower creams. The bottle had a cute blue seal on the front that changed colours when exposed to hot water. No matter how bad that stuff was for our hair we still insisted on getting it all of the time :D. I

    • Lol! I love little memories which spark up every now and then just reading something! And it’s definitely nice to just walk even though I would love to be running all the time! Baby steps!

  11. Those 30 min walks are MY FAVORITE!! I am so excited you are able to get out and do that!! WHOOOO!! Your hair looks ADORABLE and so do you!! AH! Love it, love the yellow nails..I jus love so much WAHOOO!

  12. I’m a nail polish whore, so let me know about the color changing stuff!! Im always looking for new ones to try out 🙂
    And your hair is totally gorgeous, Im so jealous! Oh and Im jealous of Elmo’s cut too 😉

  13. Just stumbled across your blog and looking forward to reading more! Definitely can relate to the recovery aspect of an athletic injury – congrats on even the 30 min walking in the morning. After surgery, that’s still a big step!

    Your dog is adorable, btw

    • Thank you! And yeah, it was a huge step but it was mostly due to taking steroids for the inflammation. It’s getting back to where it was. Such an up and down experience! I’m glad you found me 😀

  14. Awe the little “mommy” gem is so cute! I’m mommy to my dogs too 😉
    I love that yellow nail polish color! I don’t think I’ve painted my nails for at least six (probably more) years, but I’m thinking I might have to break that streak soon…
    Oh and favorite cookies? I love so many, that’s a tough question! I do love good ole’ chocolate chip cookies, but oatmeal scotches are another favorite too.

  15. You get huge props from me… I don’t think I could ever pull of yellow nail polish.
    Side note- when I saw that cookie I immediately thought of the comment you left on one of my confession pages about eating the last cookie and blaming your dad. I’m still laughing.

    p.s. How is the lottery ticket addiction?

    • I only can pull it off in the summer because I get really, really tan! LOL I always blame him when chocolate or cookies go missing in our house. Easy target.

      And I bought one last night HAHAHAH. This is terrible.

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