some updates on all fronts

I really need to learn to start taking pictures and writing things down more… It seems I do nothing but I have so much going on it’s crazy. Things are up and down all the time, but that’s life I guess. Frustrating at times, but I just try to breathe it out. Time will only tell at this point where things are going to go, but I hope things go in a positive directions. So, here’s some updates on my life:


On the fitness front… I’ve been trying to rehab my knees, so daily walks with Elmo are becoming my favorite thing in the morning. It’s so calm in the mornings and it’s just as the sun is coming up so the temperature is perfect. I just love walking him, then coming home to have a cup of coffee and do some PT exercises. It’s just nice to able to get around, but I just hope it stays this way (see next paragraph). Whomp, whomp.


On the knee front… It was feeling a lot better when I was on the steroids, but it’s back to hurting when I walk since I’m not taking them anymore. I had an appointment on Thursday and the bone is healing well except now the inflammation/fluid are coming back in my knee. It’s a big mental block from being able to do a lot and have things taken away again. Surgery to flush the knee was mentioned to get rid of whatever is making my knee mad. Yikes.


On the health front… I have been trying a lot of new things, eating at different times, and taking steps outside of my comfort zone. I think my mom is amazed at what I’m eating lately, actually, and the fact I’ll take bites of things I wouldn’t even try in previous months/years. My favorite meal last week was a portabella “burger” with blue cheese and buffalo hummus. God, it was good. I have a long way to go but taking strides forward is a good thing. Five pounds gained and eventually I’ll hate it, but it’s just necessary at this point. Progress.


On the food front… Peanut butter pop-tarts and Limited Edition Edy’s Slow Churned Take the Cake. You’ll thank me later. The pop-tarts taste like a raw peanut butter cookie. So.damn.good.


On the Elmo front… This is going to seem really weird, but it’s kind of funny. See, I hate when dogs lick their crotches all the time. It grosses me out, so I would always tell Elmo to stop it. Now, he doesn’t lick himself… Or so I thought. He had a cone on his head for a week and developed a weird crust on his… yeah. We thought he had a bladder infection but the first night after he went to bed without his cone, the crust was gone. So, he is now the “closet licker” and my mom says he has a secret. LOL so weird, but incredibly funny. He knows what to keep behind closed doors, I guess. I just say he’s being polite. 😉

What are some updates on your fronts?

Oh, and make sure you go over and tell Courtney congratulations on her new baby boy!!!


26 thoughts on “some updates on all fronts

  1. Omg I hear ya on the poptarts….a co-worker of mine bought some and gave me a pack to try because he knows how much I love peanut butter. They taste EXACTLY like peanut butter cookie dough! I love them!

  2. I have been blog reading today and discovering new blogs, so this is my first time reading yours! I LOVE YOUR DOG! I also love peanut butter Pop Tarts! They do taste just like unbaked PB cookies. Have you had the chocolate peanut butter ones?

  3. I’m happy for you and the progress you’ve made! Seriously every step counts and it sounds like you’re really putting in the effort. I’ve been mixing things up with timing and even what I eat at my meals and its starting to feel freeing, almost. It’s kind of nice! I hope your knee starts to get better again soon- it’s hard dealing with so many ups and downs.

  4. I’m glad you are enjoying your morning walks, fitness time and time with Elmo and time with yourself to relax and get outside, winning all around.

    I’m so proud of you for trying new things and stepping outside your food comfort zone 🙂

    As for Elmo–boys will be boys.

  5. I believe that you do stuff even if you don’t take a ton of pictures and document your whole day on your blog- at least you’re not putting blogging before real life or living just to blog about something you know? It’s kinda weird to think there are bloggers out there who take tons of pictures to document their lives and how others who don’t blog or read them feel about that.

    I hope you don’t have to have another knee surgery :(. I do agree you seem to be doing really well, as far as the weight gain goes… I know it sucks. If you needed to gain, then I guess it’s not such a bad thing. But it’s good you’re trying new things and you’re eating fairly healthy and not gaining from eating bad for you foods all the time or something.

    • I gained weight many times by just eating bad foods and chocolate and stuff. I felt like crap because I was, well, feeding my body bad foods. I’m glad I’m finding a balance and gaining weight the right way. It feels good. I have a long way to go and I know it’s going to suck when the weight really comes on, but it’s just necessary. I can’t keep living a life which isn’t real.

  6. I haven’t had a Poptart since high school but I have been craving them lately! Maybe I’ll add a box to my cart tomorrow at the grocery store! I’m just worried I won’t be able to stop eating them! OH SO GOOD!

    • Honestly, just letting myself eat one I was satisfied because I wasn’t like, “I CAN ONLY EAT ONE”. Lol DEFINITELY go for the peanut butter ones. They are drool worthy.

      • That’s smart. I’m trying to gain more control by allowing foods that I tend to binge on (I.E. peanut butter) in my house instead of not buying them. I know I still have binge moments but I need to keep practicing willpower and restraint!

      • I found if I buy something and allow myself to eat it, the less I want of it. I would NEVER have chocolate or ice cream in my apartment at school because I would think of going crazy or said I can only eat this much. Then, I bought it knowing I would eat it without measuring and with no restrictions. I ended up either not wanting it or just taking a couple of spoonfuls and being completely satisfied. You just have to let yourself do it.

  7. Hahaha Elmo is polite! That’s funny 🙂

    I am sorry that you’re still having some trouble with your knee.

    I agree with you about the morning.. I just love how calm and peaceful it is! And yay for trying new foods! That is GREAT!

  8. I’ve only had the Chocolate Peanut Butter poptarts (which are good but the frosting is almost too much!)
    Now I need to get the plain ones!!

    • I don’t like waxy chocolate sometimes because I’m a BIG dark chocolate fan, so I went with the plain and they didn’t disappoint! They have crystallized sugar on the top so they’re sweet but the peanut butter makes it not TOO sweet. If that makes sense. LOL

  9. i have heard tell of these pb pop tarts! must find and try! i’m proud of you for going outside your eating comfort zone. gaining weight is hard even if its just 5lbs but it’s a huge step in recovery and if it wasn’t hard then it wouldn’t be recovery. that portabella with the cheese looks AMAZING! sorry to hear about the knee…i hope it works out ok!!

  10. You seem like you’ve made a lot of positive progress! I’m so proud of you for that. Especially while recovering for your knee, that’s so important!
    Happy for you! And I’m sorry to hear about the knee acting up again, hopefully it will calm down soon.
    And laughing at Elmo, hilarious.

  11. Hahahaha omg I died at that Elmo story. He knows not to lick the junk around you now, what a smart pup! Life is always moving up then down and up then down, I am trying to embrace is and just prepare for it!! I have to agree about morning walks, they are probably one of my favorite summer activities. It’s still cool out in the morning, the sun is coming up and it’s quiet. As if the rest of the world is still asleep!

  12. It’s probably so good that you start your day with a walk with Elmo- sets the tone for a positive day overall 🙂 Also love that you’re stepping outside your comfort zone some with food! 🙂 Keep rockin girl!

  13. Keep on rocking the weight gain girl!! Make sure to eat lots of healthy stuff so you wont “hate” the weight you have gained. Your body will keep its same shape just put on the needed lbs and you will look great! When i first started gaining weight after restricting I was eating crap healthy but indulging a LOT! I had this tummy pudge that I hated and in turn hated myself and saw myself as fat. It wasn’t until I focused on what I was putting into my body and lifting weights that I really started to see a positive change in my body. Rather then telling myself I looked gross I was able to think I like pretty good. I wont ever give myself the true complements I deserve but thats because I am my own worst critique!

    Be proud of your self 🙂

  14. YAY for pop tarts!!! are good are those things. i could eat the box in one sitting. not proud of it, just saying 🙂 and aw your poor knee- it must feel like 1 step forward, 2 steps back sometimes, but just the fact you’re enjoying your daily walks so much is huuuge progress! keep it up!

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