july foodie penpals!

I cannot believe it’s already the end of July Disappointed smile Where the heck has summer gone!? I would be lying if I wasn’t excited for chilly weather, crisp air, leaves changing colors, the smell of burning leaves, football (Go Eagles!), and pumpkin flavored everything. I will definitely be loving this last month of summer, though, and savoring every last minute.

Now, on to Foodie Penpals! If you aren’t familiar with foodie pen pals, it’s an opportunity to share your favorite foods with someone else! You spend $15 on goodies and ship them off to your penpal along with a written note! Then, you write a post about all of your goodies at the end of each month. You can read more about it here!


This month I was partnered with Nicole and she sent me one of my favorite boxes so far! She included a Levain Bakery Cookie, Phillips Farms homemade blueberry jam, TJ’s edamame crackers, and TJs honey wheat pretzel sticks!


The highlight of this box was definitely the Levain Bakery cookie. First, it was the size of my head. Second, it was crisp on the outside but practically raw on the inside. Perfection. Confession: This cookie was gone an hour after receiving this package.

You might as well call me the Cookie Monster. Om nom nom, cookiiiieees. Winking smile

Thank you so much Nicole for all of my goodies! This box makes me want to live in NYC even more! Ahh, I can only dream! Happy Hump Day!


46 thoughts on “july foodie penpals!

  1. Greaaaaat… now I’m craving cookies and it’s only 8:30 in the morning – thanks 😛

    I’m kind of having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that it’s already August as well, but at the same time, I’m definitely looking forward to the fall. Ask me again when it’s freezing outside and I might be singing a different tune, though…

    • I’m the same way with seasons haha! I wish it would stay Fall year-round. I think it’s perfect weather. Warm enough during the day but chilly at night. And the smell of burning leaves!!! UGH, I just love it. Sorry about the cookie 😉

  2. That cookie monster picture is great. I know you’re not supposed to eat in bed, but I just prop up a pillow behind my head and eat half of my meals that way. The living room in my apartment doesn’t have an A/C so I basically do everything besides cook in my bedroom 🙂

  3. cookie monster makes me LOL every time so thanks for that pic. i’ve had a bag of those tj’s crackers in my pantry for forever! still haven’t opened them. clearly i have too many snacks in my pantry!

  4. FOOOOTBALLLLL! Its so close I can almost taste it 🙂
    And true story, I made cookies for my hubby last night, although Im pretty sure I just made them for him so that I could eat half of the dough. Oops.

  5. You r so young, but quite real and positive. I’m struggling with inability to exercise, and low weight (despite severe late late night “binging”.) I’m quite ashamed and sad, I’m 32 and feel all is lost and its far too late. My digestion and hormones are a mess …lost. I tried to email u for thoughts…ideas, advice…but perhaps it went via spam? Thks anyway.

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