take-out week and 15 minutes of glory

So, I can’t believe it’s Tuesday because it feels like Sunday. Sunday felt like Saturday and I thought the whole entire day it was Saturday. Today, my mom was home from work because she’s sick, so now I’m just all screwed up. All I know is I’ll be watching Kelly and Michael in the morning and drinking coffee Winking smile, but moving on:

1. My dad was on second shift last week, so it’s “Lauren and Mom eat out week” ! We had to get gas three times in one week because of how much we were driving around to get Chipotle, Wegmans, froyo, etc. It’s a good thing my dad only works this shift every now and then because my mom and I spent 40$ on one meal from a seafood restaurant. Oops?

2. Speaking of frozen yogurt, I’m starting to realize you really need to go with a theme for each cup because if you go overboard… It starts to taste terrible. My favorite this week was chocolate/peanut butter combo with butterfinger pieces, chocolate sprinkles, and chocolate sauce – with three marshmallows because I couldn’t say no.

3. I have been craving S’mores for the past like three weeks but have yet to have one. Everyone making S’mores themed recipes isn’t helping either. Someone come turn my grill on so we can sit outside and roast marshmallows! Pwetty pwease?

4. I am attempting to run/walk on the treadmill. This morning I completed fifteen minutes and I thought I was going to cry. It feels alright with some small bits of pain which is great, but at the same time I’m so scared something goes wrong or I make something worse. I feel like I’m running on ice or something. My face is probably a worried expression the entire time.


5. Oh, and the $40 meal my mom and I got consisted of the restaurant’s sushi special. I didn’t know the little red balls were Salmon row, so after Google-ing I realized I ate about 40 baby salmon. I told my mom I’m going to poop out a Salmon tomorrow. No salmon sightings yet!

6. I wish this was a lie, but it’s really not at all. My mom and I spent every night talking about favorites at dinner. Did I ever mention I’m the most indecisive person ever? I change favorites everyday so when we were discussing favorite candy bars, I could not pick one. I kept coming back to dark chocolate reeses cups… But how can you forget milky way, whatchamacallits, twix, kit-kats, snickers…?!!?! Be still my heart.

Just a bunch of rambles, but that’s kind of the way things are right now. Prepare for an emotional post soon because I’m doomed for a break down soon. LOL I hope I’m kidding.

What’s your favorite candy bar… Can you choose a favorite?!
I kept going back and forth between a dark chocolate bar or dark chocolate reeses cups!Any good S’mores recipes out there?


31 thoughts on “take-out week and 15 minutes of glory

  1. Did I ever mention how much I love your rambles? But really. I feel like I can totally relate to pretty much everything you say!

    I LOL’d at the salmon row haha!

    How is Elmo doing?!

  2. My days are completely messed up as well! I feel like it should totally be not Tuesday, but alas, that’s not possible.
    Yum – your frozen yogurt chocolate PB combo sounds all sorts of amazing and I don’t even like frozen yogurt.
    Awe, I’m glad you got out and tried walking but definitely be aware of any pain. Hoping things are looking up in that department!
    Haha, I’m totally the same with favorite things. I state a new thing is my favorite practically everyday.

  3. I feel like I never know what day it is, so no judgement here.

    Glad you are getting some quality time with your mom while dad is working 🙂

    Don’t have fear while getting into working out again- just relax and enjoy movement again… you’re going to bounce back and you are going to keep moving forward!

  4. I feel like everything is really getting better for you-in more ways than one- and I am so happy for you!!! A few months ago you were barely able to walk and now you’re able to run a bit?! Progress. Mom time is always the best. I haven’t had s’mores a single time this summer and I’m not lying when I say it’s my favorite dessert. I can’t go home without eating them. I can’t.

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 Things are a lot better than they have been in a long time! I am so upset I haven’t had a S’more yet, they’re one of my favorite things about summer!

  5. Squee! I’m so happy for you, girl! You just sound so much happier and relaxed – no breakdowns allowed! And the s’mores bit – I know, right?! They’ve been popping up everywhere, and here I am without a fire or grill of any sort… Starting to feel deprived. To be honest, I could take or leave s’more, but a perfectly browned marshmallow that’s crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside?!? I die.

    • I am so much happier than I have been in a long time! I am the SAME way about the marshmallows. We used to have a real wood fireplace in our old house so we roasted marshmallows in our family room ALL the time! I loved mine crispy on the outside so you get the little bit of charred flavor! I think I just died on the inside, too. LOL come make a fire with me!

  6. haha my mum and I spent around $40 one time too … I told her I’m poor. haha since I paid. congrats on the treadmill workout. fear is a scary thing but you’re doing great. slow and steady wins the race (corny I know). Dark chocolate peanut butter cups. From like a legit chocolatier though. sounds your week is going well though! ❤

  7. I like your rambles in the blog because that’s just your style of writing and it’s very real :).

    $40 for a seafood dinner or sushi is pretty much about right here! Maybe our restaurants are just pricey or something. But yeah, I also get gas a ton from driving around to restaurants and places to run. I work from home and use more gas than I did when I had an office job.

    I’m glad you were able to walk and run some :). Definitely take it easy and listen to your body but it sounds like you’re doing that which is great. It has to be nerve-racking trying it with all the knee issues, so glad you’re taking that step of faith to do it though!

    • Yeah, it was just SO much for one meal. I was taken back by it because even though it’s fish, it’s just dinner lol. I’m definitely trying to hone in on what my body is feeling, specifically my knee. If anything ever hurts to the point of pain, I usually call it quits!

  8. WHOO for eating out on dates with your mama!! That sushi looks INTENSE HOLY WOWZA HAHA. I used to go APE SHIT on some butterfingers and reeses, but these days I just stick to dark chocolate because most candy bars have milk in them. I agree about sticking with a theme for froyo..I would get too crazy at times and it was just too much!

    • A dark chocolate bar was my second choice because I love bitter chocolate, so I don’t blame you for choosing it! And I always put WAYYY too many toppings on to the point things just really do not mesh at all. Now, I like to make little “themes”. I feel more artsy? If that makes sense. LOL

  9. If a salmon exits your body in any fashion, I think we need photographic evidence 😉 Froyo – I ALWAYS do a bottom layer of chocolate froyo, then a layer of peanut butter, then another flavor froyo (strawberry is good) with another layer of peanut butter. There is never too much peanut butter on anything. Have you ever had a Mr. Big candy bar from Canada/UK?

  10. Sushi is so good but it is so expensive and I find it to not be that filling. I feel like I have to spend at least 40-50 dollars so that I’m not starving afterwords. I have always loved dates with my mom because we bond over the strangest and silliest things.

    As far as your knee I’m glad to see you are making some great improvements it. I would honestly probably be making those faces too if I were you. I actually really think I might every time I’m coming back from injuries and begin running.

    • I agree with you sushi. Right after I ate this, I went inside to eat some leftovers from the night before. There’s no way one sushi roll can fill me up but given we already had a 40$ bill I wasn’t about to order another roll haha! We would make a good team for recovering from an injury but we would probably scare everyone away 😦

  11. I am the WORST about making a foodie decision. If everything sounds good, well then I am at a lost haha. My favorite fro-yo combo has been red velvet + Cake batter + cookies n cream topped with sprinkes, cookie dough cheesecake, oreo pieces and a brownie. I go big haha

  12. hahaha omg this is great. i completely agree- froyo toppings are an art form- it can get very out of control very fast if you dont have some sort of plan before hand 🙂 and my favorite candy bar- way to pick the hardest question of my life- might just be the chocolove dark chocolate with orange peel. soooo good 🙂

    • I had the dark chocolate with orange peel once and I remember it being pretty delicious! And it is the toughest decision! As soon as I choose one, I’m always like, “But then there is this one…”.

  13. LOL at #5 – so silly. let me know what you name your new salmon! 😛
    a week of eating out sounds just for me, haha! it’s awesome that you were able to do so too, i know in recovery i have had anxiety with multiple nights eating out.
    frozen yogurt can definitely end up being questionable if too many toppings/flavors go into the cup. i always stick with dessert-y flavors (chocolate something, vanilla something, etc) and leave out any fruit-related flavors (with the exception of banana) because dessert flavors combine better than the fruit ones IMO. i also keep fruit toppings out of the mix. fruit is for another time, when i eat froyo i am eating dessert, and determined to make it desserty as possible!

    • I used to just top them with fruit and sprinkles, but now I realize I need to make a dessert a true dessert. So, most times I’ll go with chocolate chips, peanut butter, cookie dough, syrups, and some kind of sprinkles. MAYBE I’ll throw some fruit on there but it’s definitely more towards the sweets now! And yes, there is anxiety when eating out but I kind of like the fact I don’t know how many calories are in certain things. It kind of causes anxiety but a sense of freedom because I’m not hovering around numbers!

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