tuesday things: cupcakes and crosswords

I am definitely not good with keeping up with things sometimes. I feel like I am on the verge of changing things and keep second guessing myself constantly. For once, I feel like I am on the up-and-up but keep feeling as though I have to prepare myself for the down. You know, that too good to be true feeling? Hate it.

1. Cupcake run with my mom. Sublime Cupcakes are the best cupcakes in my area! There are other cupcake places around here but these cupcakes just look the part! Maybe I should try the others but why stop when you already have a good thing, right? Right.

2. The favorite candy debate. You know when I said I was indecisive about my favorite candy? I am almost positive it is a dark chocolate reeses cup considering everything I go for is the chocolate + peanut butter combo. Almost is the key word in the above sentence Winking smile

3. Yesterday, I had to get a liver biopsy which sounds a lot worse than the actual procedure. The worst part of this whole thing for me was having to wait to have coffee until after it was over. My mom was more worried about the procedure than me, of course. The procedure consists of numbing your ribs, stick in small tube, stick three needles into tube, and the nurses and I sharing our love for coffee! One of the nurses informed me some people need to be put out… It’s a five minute procedure! I just asked her how long I had to wait until I can have coffee. The radiologist let my mom know where the Starbucks was in the hospital as soon as they got me back to the recovery room. Winning.

4. $7 mint green T-shirt at Target. Also winning.


5. This face. THIS FACE. I just cannot.

6. I have been attempting crosswords every day and realize I can fill in a lot more! I guess all of those days laying out to tan are making me smarter…? Just nod with me.

7. I was talking to my mom yesterday about blogging and how you can become so close to people you have never met in your life. I was upset about something I read all day yesterday because I feel like I make friendships with people even if they have no idea who I am at all. It’s weird, but blogging has become some sort of communication for me I have lost throughout the years and I did not realize until yesterday how much I consider some bloggers to be my true friends. Is this weird?

How do you feel about blogging friendships?
Sometimes I wonder if it’s good and other times I think it’s bad because I question how much my friendship means to other people. But, I question a lot of things.
Which cupcake would you choose… black/white, pina colada, dandy cake (pb+van+choc), or the caramel pretzel?
I chose the caramel pretzel and the dandy cake. The caramel pretzel and pina colada definitely stole the show, though!


54 thoughts on “tuesday things: cupcakes and crosswords

  1. That cupcake with the caramel-y pretzels looks AMAZING. I love pairing salty with sweet! I think blogging friendships are pretty awesome. Especially when you get a chance to finally meet in real life. I’ve met some fantastic people through blogging, and the ones I read but haven’t met have become a part of my life as well 🙂

  2. The caramel pretzel cupcake looks delicious… as soon as I saw that one I thought that would be the one I picked (yeah, when people post pictures of multiple cupcakes or something, I mentally decide which one I would want if I was there… no lie).

    That’s pretty awesome you made it through the liver biopsy without having to be put out. It doesn’t sound like a bad procedure from what you described but yeah, the words themselves are scary and I do hope everything is okay with your liver… not a good body part to have any issue with.

    I definitely agree that you can have friends blogging. Not everyone, but there are some blogs I’ve been reading for years and I feel like I know the people and genuinely care about them. I’ve met a few bloggers I read in real life who live near me, and it really solidified the friendship. But then again I’ve also met some in real life and figured out they were way different than how they portrayed themselves online, too.

    • LOL I do the same thing! No worries 😀 And the results have not come back yet, but they believe my liver enzymes are high from being on NSAIDS constantly. We shall see! I am always afraid of meeting someone in real life and they are rude or just totally different from what I thought through the blog… It’s the reason I try to be “real” on my blog so people know what they’re going to get when they meet me. lol

  3. I am a huge crossword puzzle lover… Ben makes fun of me ALL the time for doing them but I swear they are going to keep my brain fresh when we are an old duo. As for the cupcake, is that really a question? Carmel Pretzel fo sho! 😉

  4. Love crosswords, and puppies and target and cupcakes…you hit just about everything!

    Blogging friendships are something that is really growing on me. I like the connections that we can make with others. Although there are certain people I feel are great blogging and online friends, that I may not feel as strongly about in person. It’s easy to tell when people are putting a front on their blog and are definitely not being 100% true. Not that you need to share everything or be open about everything- but there is a happy medium that really allows readers to get to know you (without knowing EVERYTHING).

    With that said- I’d love to have a cupcake date sometime! 🙂

    • A cupcake date sounds FABULOUS! I understand what you’re talking about with blogging friendships. Recently, I have become more emotional involved (does that sound weird?) to certain blogs because I really feel like they are my true friends. Also, it’s the reason I try to be as real as I can be on here so people know what they’re getting themselves into when they meet me 😉

  5. I’m still a newbie to blogging, but I think the friendships you make while doing it can be awesome!!! It’s amazing the people you come across while blogging that you can relate to on a whole deeper level than SOME of your everyday friends.

    Also, the Caramel Pretzel cupcake looks absolutely GLORIOUS. Sweet + salty = AH-MAZE-ING

  6. Your shirt is my favorite color! Mint green is the cutest. Anyways, blog friends. I’m not sure people who aren’t bloggers totally get it but I’m slowly but surely convincing my parents. My blog friends know more about me than my real life friends do. Probably because we share more about our lives and have more in common. A lot of them I haven’t met in real life yet we text more than my real life friends. I am a firm believer in blogging friendships although I will admit some seem fake to me at times. It’s the ones you put more effort into that are definitely genuine. I do second guess them sometimes too, but that’s just life! Those cupcakes look amazing!!!

    • I second guess everything in my life, too, and you’re right.. You can definitely tell the people who genuinely care versus the people who do not. I am finding the people I can relate to more are the ones I feel I NEED to read their blog every day because I really care about them and considering them my friends! And I definitely put a lot more on here than I would in real life considering I am somewhat shy, so blog friends know a lot more than lifetime friends.

  7. I’d go with the caramel pretzel fo sho! There is something about sweet + salty that is SO good.

    I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you’re CLOSE with someone that you’ve never met! It’s weird, but I think it’s awesome to have these friendships!

  8. Omgosh those cupcakes look just so tasty! Yum. I am also totally with you on the merging of chocolate and peanut butter being the best candy choice ever. Mmm.

    I also love crossword puzzles! The hubster and I happened to just start doing one together one day and then it just stuck! So fun.

  9. I can’t do crosswords to save my life – but maybe it’s because I avoid them like the plague?
    I agree about blogging friendships – it’s amazing the people you meet and connect with, even though they live across the country. I love it!

  10. I can relate to that blogging phenomenon. It is hard to explain to someone that doesn’t blog because you feel like you are close to someone yet haven’t really met them from behind a blog. ok that cupcake with the pretzel top is outstanding, like best idea ever. that place must be good! I need to go to target, so much I want to get there even if I really don’t need it

    • I need to avoid Target if I go in just to browse because I will most likely talk myself into needing SOMETHING. It’s terrible. I need to have a full-on pep talk with myself in the parking lot. LOL I wish I was kidding.

  11. I can relate to the blogging feeling. I would like for everyone to I read to be my friend but sometimes that’s not possible. I still have yet to meet a blogger in real life. maybe one day. but I hope they think of me as a friend as I think of them as one. glad you got your coffee and cupcakes 😉

  12. I would go for the chocolate/peanut butter/vanilla one, definitely! I am also a chocolate/peanut butter person! Chocolate ice cream with Jif peanut butter mixed in is the best! And that picture of Elmo, SO CUTE. Is your liver ok?

  13. Lol oh man… That part about not being able to wait to get coffee cracked me up big time. Only you 😛

    I value my blogging friendships a lot, and honestly consider some of the girls I met to be just as close to me as my ‘RL’ friends. It’s just so easy to get close to bloggers because we share the same interests and have often gone through the same things. I love ya, lady. For serious ❤

    Oh, and definitely the caramel pretzel cupcake for me. Sweet and salty FTW.

    • I feel the same way. I am relatively shy in person, so it’s hard for me to open up about things (especially ED-related). I know for a FACT my blogging friends know more about me than any “RL” friends do right now. Also, I think we put more of those moments where you think you’re the only person who does something just to realize other people do it, too! It’s just a different bond and I love it AND YOU, too. 😀

      And my mom made the nurse walk her to the Starbucks right when I got out so she could get me coffee. HAHA. So addicted.

  14. First those cupcakes. Dang. (obligaroty food comment)

    Second as far as blog friends go…I think your blog friends can be every bit as close as your “real life” friends too. You share a lot more via internet then you probably would walking down the street.

  15. ok so 1. those cupcakes look amazing! i want the caramel pretzel in my mouth right now 🙂 2. that biopsy does NOT sound fun, but lol i would have been wondering when i get my coffee too! coffee is the best thing ever. 3. that face!! that little tongue sticking out is the cutest thing ever. and 4. blog friends are real friends. i mean, by blogging you’re sharing your life with the world, and people connect to you through that. i think its 110% normal to feel connected to people you havent officially “met”.

    • Coffee is the only reason I get out of bed in the morning LOL And I die every time Elmo has his tongue out. It cracks me up every.single.time. I feel the same way about blogging. It’s like connecting on a totally different level!

  16. I ADORE my blogger friends, and feel closer to some of you guys than my real life friends!! HAHA! OMG that pretzel cupcake..FACE PLANT NOW! That looks unreal. All of those cupcakes look amazing. LOVE your mint shirt..you look so purrdyyy!!

  17. Haha so true about the coffee thing. I love that that’s all you could wait for:) I’d be the same.
    I feel the exact same with blogging friendships, it’s definitely a weird thing to explain! A lot of people don’t understand it – which I completely understand. And I think blog friends are completely real friends – considering I sometimes tell them more than I do with my actual friends. It’s really easy to get close to other bloggers, the only thing that sucks is being SO far away!

    • It is tough to know there is not a good chance you’ll get to meet EVERY blogger you get close to via Internet! The bonds you share are so much different than “real life” friends, for sure, and I think they’re more honest relationships!

  18. Wow those cupcakes look delicious, especially caramel pretzel! Once I find a good cupcake, it’s really hard to switch it up. Love your blog, you’re adorable!
    As for blogging friendships, I think they are wonderful, it’s so nice to get to know and make so many friends from all over with similar interests!

  19. Lauren- you look adorable in that mint shirt. Blogging community is the best I think-even though I havent met too many people in real life, I ffeel like I know them – its so weird but not really i dont know. I love the communication, honesty and inspiration I get everyday 🙂

  20. Before starting to blog myself I would shake my head slightly at bloggers calling each other ‘friends’ because I was doubtful how much more than just skin-deep these ‘friendships’ could be. Now, however, I have met so many amazing people from all over the world, shared so much personal information with them and experienced amazing support and advice. I truly believe blogging friendships can be just as good as real life ones – not all are but some. Especially if you feel more accepted and can talk about topics you couldn’t adress anybody in ‘real life’ with. That being said I think it’s important not to loose sight of any real life friends in favour of those made through blogging.
    Crosswords are a secret obsession of mine. It’s a habit already for me to read the newspaper while eating dinner and skip to the crossword/Sudoku page towards the end.
    Good choice on the cupcakes! I’d have picked the caramel pretzel one, too – salty and sweet? I’m in.

  21. Those cupcakes look delicious!! I think those are the ones I had that Erica brought to a PA Bloggers Meet-Up! I could eat them all but I think I would go with the caramel pretzel first! I feel the same way about blogging friendships! P.S. I just read your About Me & I feel like we could be best friends – I love coffee & the Philadelphia Eagles too & I also went to Shippensburg! 🙂

  22. Hi girl, I know I’m 10 years older than you and very different (I.e binge eating/underweight/hormones a mess/chronic fatigue to point of sleeping all day/ironically underweight despite the binge eating/metabolism so slow, etc) but I did email u a couple times 😉 no biggie if u don’t wish to reply… I don’t mean to bug
    the hardest is the orthorexia-binging-NOT exercising/horrid bowels/tummy issues…lately I’ve hit my lowest rock bottom too (in terms of ability..i am suddenly chronically sleepy, and weak to point that just walking upstairs a feat and I cant do even one pushup)…eating majority at night…lotsa regret, u know the drill 🙂
    Liked your latest post…just wish I could get over a lot of that stuff…I found a new nutritionists…would have to be online..maybe I can get your thoughts on her? it will be by phone-email with her since I’ve no car, but at least she’s in my province ( I guess)…

  23. the blogosphere is an AWESOME place to connect with people; it’s weird but I feel “connected” to some new bloggers; like I already know them even though I’ve never met them in real life. The last time I felt this way, we all met up in Vegas for a weekend and it was amazing….as if 5 friends who haven’t spoken to one another met up to hang out and it wasn’t weird at all! we already knew what was going on in each other’s lives and that whole weekend was incredible!!

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