mimm: melmo and old favorites

Thank you so much for all of the comments on my last post. I know I have come so far from my darkest days and it just feels good to know I am more in tune with myself more than anything!

Today is Monday, so I guess I can jump on the marvelous bandwagon and point out the highlights of the weekend! I’ll start off with this marvelous song…

Marvelous is… my brother’s girlfriend has a little boy who is the CUTEST. He’s the closest thing I have to a niece or nephew so I am soaking him all up! I find the way little kids pronounce things to be the cutest. He calls Elmo, “Melmo”. My heart melts.

Marvelous is… Maria Menounos. This girl is gorgeous, wrestles for fun, and I fell in love with her hair when she was on Kelly and Michael.


Marvelous is… pumpkin coffee coming to Dunkin Donuts next weekend! Thanks for the heads up, Sally!

Marvelous is… taking Elmo on morning walks/jogs up and down my street. My neighbors probably thing I am an absolute nuttzo for walking up and down my street every morning. Oh well!

Marvelous is… heart to heart talks with my mom. Seriously, sometimes my mom and I can fight, fight, fight, but end up learning more about each other in the end.

Marvelous is… Trips to Wegmans for dinner and cookies. Chocolate rugelach?! Be still, my heart.

Marvelous is… staying up past my bedtime (read: 12 o’clock) to watch Love and Basketball. I don’t know what it is about this movie, but I love it.

Any other Love and Basketball lovers out there?
What’s your favorite fall flavor?


27 thoughts on “mimm: melmo and old favorites

  1. Pumpkin is definitely my favorite fall flavor! Wegman’s seriously has the best desserts (and I love their hot food bar too!)

    • I know! They make the simplest phrases sound so, so cute! BTW, I am having trouble commenting on your last couple of posts. I thought it was only a particular day, but it hasn’t let me for about the last three of them 😦

  2. I wish we had Dunkin’ in Canada 😦 I LOVE fall flavours, but usually find the stuff they offer in Bux way too sweet for my tastes. If I could just have plain pumpkin flavoured coffee, though? Swoooon. Might need to look into ordering some online or something. OR just make some pumpkin bread… with chocolate chips, of course 😉 But really, there’s not a fall flavour I don’t like. Apple? Pumpkin? Warm spices? Love.it.all.

    • When you’re in the states you NEED to get a medium pumpkin coffee at Dunkin and ask them for only one pump of the syrup. I hate when coffee is too sweet, too, so I usually just ask for one pump of everything! I just can’t wait for homemade apple sauces and just… EVERYTHING about fall! I’m getting chills out of excitement 😀

  3. Never seen Love and Basketball before! Now I really want to though.
    I can’t believe pumpkin coffee will already be out so soon! It feels like Fall is coming so fast.
    Now I just wish there was a Dunkins over here so I could try that!
    And I love heart to hearts with my Mom too. It’s so nice to have those moments.

  4. Walks are too marvelous to mind what other might think. In fact, if they actually consider it ridiculous you’d have to be sorry for them not getting the amazingness :).
    Yes, yes, yes to mum talks. Just had one with mine earlier today which started with a little argument but ended with the closest to a hug you might be able to get through a phone conversation [okay, that sounds ridiculous but her words made me feel so much better].
    Some of my favourite falls flavours are apples + cinnamon [hello, Bath & Bodyworks’ Honey Autumn Apple :)] and the special scent that’s in the air when walking around in nature.

  5. Whoo-hoo for the return of pumpkin coffee and all things pumpkin!! 🙂 I also agree with the fact that marvelous is ‘heart-to heart’ talks with mom. I have the same relationship with my mom but, at the end of the day, she is one of my closest friends.

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