does something look off?

I reaaaaaaaaaaalllllly wish I was better at writing things down. For some reason, when I sit my toosh on the computer chair with the intentions to write a blog post I end up commenting and reading other blogs. Then, by the end of the night I realize I didn’t post what I had on my mind which leaves my mind the next day. Little Miss Scatterbrain.

 If you haven’t listened to this song, please do. In love.

1. This past week I have eaten a tomato sandwich with laughing cow cheese for lunch everyday. EVERY DAY. I swear if I see another tomato in this house… #puppyphotobomb


2. Does anything look different to you?


3. I caught myself up with Pretty Little Liars. And my response was, “NO. Just no. THIS CAN’T BE TRUE. I kind of suspected this in season two. BUT NO. But he’s so cute”!  I died a little on the inside. Le sigh.

4. My first attempt at zucchini was a success! I can always tell if something is good if it’s gone within three days. Feast your eyes on chocolate zucchini cake with candied pecans! #drool #hashtag #foodporn


5. I cannot stop taking pictures of him. JUST LOOK AT HIM. I die. He’s the cutest ever. Other puppy moms, don’t argue with me! Winking smile


6. Don’t pretend this never happened to you. This reminds me of the yoyo’s which used to do tricks. Oh hey, 90s! 

Now, I am going to go sulk about growing up. I have some serious things I need to sum up into a legible post so we’ll see where it goes from here.

What’s your favorite childhood toy?
This is a hard one! There were so many good 90s toys!
Tomato Sandwiches… Anyone?


39 thoughts on “does something look off?

  1. That zucchini cake looks so good! I’ve wanted to make something like that, a vegetable dessert. Did you use a recipe?

    I love tomato sandwiches. We have some really good tomatoes down here, lots of farms are just over the bridge from us over on John’s Island in SC. The soil here is just really good for growing tomatoes! I could eat one every day if the tomatoes are ripe and tasty.

    I’ve been a crappy blogger lately too. I write but most of my posts are more about events and things, honestly real life has just been boring.

  2. 1) I KNOW about PLL… same reaction. Holy guacamole! I don’t know if the writers are trying to trick us again, or if it’s really true and they just WANT us to think that they’re trying to trick us! Can’t believe we have to wait until the end of October, and knowing them there will just be new questions no answers! 2) Your puppy is absolutely THE CUTEST! I want a puppy so badly… sometime soon! 3) Hahaha to your tomato face! I actually hate tomatoes, but love ketchup – totally weird! 4) And finally that chocolate zucchini cake looks delicious!!! 🙂

      • I look on PetFinder all the time for Yorkies that need adopted but haven’t taken the plunge yet! It will probably happen sometime within the next year or two 🙂

      • Pretty much everyone tries to talk me out of it, I’m happy to hear from someone who appreciates my want to get one! Even though I know right now I’m totally not ready for a dog yet 🙂 Someday soon!

        P.S. Are you living in PA? (I was going to send you a tweet about this, but I don’t think we’re following one another!)

      • I barely use Twitter. I’ve tried SO many times to get on the bandwagon but I am just lost. So lost. Lol! I do have one and yes, I still do live in PA! I’m East of Shippensburg. How about you?

        And I was told so many times I shouldn’t get a dog and I regret not doing it sooner. I know from experience it’s worth it and you CAN do it!

      • Haha, I love Twitter! I’m somewhat near Harrisburg! You should join our Central PA Bloggers group 🙂 Now I totally want to go adopt a puppy!

  3. Rofl the yoyo thing never happened to me, thank goodness, but I’m sure I had more than my fair share of freak toy accidents. And you’re right – there were definitely a lot of good ones. Tamagotchis, beanie babies, and My Littlest Pet Shop? I was OBSESSED. And speaking of obsession… tomatoes. Oh man. In every form. Salsa, ketchup, pasta sauce, straight up. I love them forever.

    • Sadly, I definitely hit myself in the face a couple of times when I was trying to be cool and do tricks when I was younger. So much for being a cool kid. LOL. There used to be this online game with pets and you could create your own and talk to people… I cannot for the life of me think of what it was called!

  4. I love tomato, avocado and cheese sandwiches! On a pita, of course. But it gets all squishy and everything oozes out, so it’s kind of hard to eat. As for toys – I think I’m way older than you than I’d like to admit, but I wrote a post on my blog recently about my childhood toys! It starts out off topic but goes into some pretty good stuff for 80’s kids. You 90’s kids are just whippersnappers 😉

  5. We’ve now discussed PLL to its death but I’m still heartbroken over it and mourning over having to wait until Halloween to see it again. And you KNOW I eat the same thing every day, so it’s fine. I’m going to turn purple and orange from all of the grapes and carrots I eat. No shame at all.

    • I’m still in shock over a week later. I’m so obsessed with it, it’s kind of sad. Actually, really sad. I need a life. LOL But I am definitely going to start getting an orange hue around this type of year for the amount of sweet potatoes and pumpkin I eat on the daily. Oops.

  6. Oh that zucchini cake looks fabulous!
    Don’t even get me started on PLL. I’m SO confused over it. Like what? how? why? what is going on? Also, I kind of expected it just a little bit because he was “too perfect” for the show, but it’s still sad all the same.

  7. that zucchini looks amazing. with pecans, omg! tomatoes are so freaking good right now and with laughing cow that sounds awesome. i’d be down for that sammy and then add some smoked salmon…ahh!

  8. HAHAHA that yo yo video had me dying!! So I don’t watch PLL, but I am guessing someone is gay?? Just from the “but he’s so cute” comment, because I say the same thing when I find out someone is gay hahaha. YUM to this baking goodness!

  9. Haah never have i ever had just a tomato sandwich, but I AM OBSESSED with all the laughing cow cheese wedges (I especially like pairing the swiss flavor with an apple!)

    I never got into yo-yo’s, but I definitely loved my Doodle bear, barbies, Tamagotchi, and Easy bake oven.

    The ONE toy I could not stand was that STUPID, creepy Furbie. Ugh that thing gave me nightmares!!!!

    • The wedges are SO creamy and I love the variety of flavors! I never had the swiss yet, so I’ll have to give it a try!

      Don’t even get me started on Furbies. My brother hid one under my bed when I was younger so I woke up with it talking in the MIDDLE of the night.

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