that’s a lot of tongue!

These last few days were a bit off for me. I woke up Tuesday morning with an intense stomach pain. You know the feeling you just get this rush over your body, clamminess, and sudden sweat? I jumped out of bed and found myself over the toilet holding my breathe because I hate throwing up. Thankfully, I held it in and slept for a few more hours. If I had a boyfriend, I might have thought I had morning sickness. Terrible.

Otherwise, the last few days were just kind of meh days. I have been getting kind of emotional lately and found myself randomly balling my eyes out at 11:30 at night. It was like I was hit with a ton of bricks. A lot on my mind right now, but I hope it passes soon.
As always, when I’m in a funk I do some baking! I’ve been eyeing up Amanda’s almond butter protein bars for a while and oh my goodness gracious these things are good. My parents love them which is a win in my book!

Speaking of Amanda (can you tell I adore this girl?), she posted her Thinking Out Loud post this week and said grapes can explode in the microwave. I’m one of those people who needs to try things like this for some reason? After listening to myself in the video, I think I was expecting my whole microwave to blow up. The little pop at the end is the grape exploding. Eye rolling smile
I can’t understand how Elmo’s tongue sticks out this far. Sometimes it’s a ridiculous amount. Evidently his tongue is too long for his mouth? Cutest deformity ever.
Tonight is another Eagle’s game! It’s a big one since the old coach (Andy Reid) is back in Philly for the Chiefs! My dad took off work tomorrow so he can stay up to watch it! They better win this one!

*If you read something, do you automatically have to try it to see if it’s true?
*If anyone has any healthy (ish) apple dumpling recipes, please link them in the comments!!!


32 thoughts on “that’s a lot of tongue!

  1. sorry about the wonky tummy issues!! I hate when my tummy gives me troubles for what seems like no reason at all! And seriously your pup…I cant get over his cuteness.
    Im not an eagles fan, but I do think andy reid is a really good guy. I don’t really care who wins tonight, I just want the fans to show Reid the respect he deserves. Maybe a standing ovation or something for a minute!

  2. 😆 😆 Omg I’m dying over here, lady. You seriously tried the grape thing?! Ahhh I adore you. I probably would have, but I didn’t have any grapes. I wonder if the same thing is true for blueberries. Hmm. Now there’s an idea. And I love that you dress up Elmo. I’m not a huge football fan (don’t judge… I’m Canadian – we’re hockey people), but I do love a cute doggie.

    • No judgement. I’m not into hockey so it’s all good. It evens out in the end 😉 And hahaha. Seriously, I read your fact, looked to my left, and eyed up my grapes for a solid ten minutes. I HAD to try it!

  3. Haha, that’s funny how your dad took off work to watch the Eagles game. I have to say, though, I’m a loyal Steelers fan 🙂

    That grape thing is so funny! It reminds me of one time when I made a s’more in the microwave for the little boy I was babysitting. I left the marshmallow in there for a little too long, and it got so huge! Haha, I just remember how big the little boy’s eyes got when he saw it!

    Hope you’re feeling better!

    • Boo, Steelers! 😛 Hey, atleast you’re keeping it in PA!

      And I loooove little kid’s faces. I swear, the only reason I regret not becoming an elementary school is the fact little kids are HILARIOUS!

  4. Ahhhh the picture of Elmo in the jersey. Melts my heart for real. I’m pretty sure you have one of the cutest pups EVER.

    I LOL’d at the grape video hahaha!!

    I hope you feel better ASAP! You’re right–baking totally helps!

  5. Bahaha that grape video..sometimes I try things I read about, but not all the time! I hope your funk passes soon, but as always you’re not alone. I will randomly cry like a little bitch at least once every week and a half. I know what it’s related to..but it’s annoying! HA!

    • I know. I always just sit there and I’m like, “Why am I crying?!? WAHH”! It will be the smallest thing which sets it off and then everything bad which happened since my last good cry comes forging ahead.

  6. Haha oh my gosh, Lola’s tongue does the same thing. It’s the cutest thing ever.
    And I love that you actually tried out the grape in the microwave. Awesome. Did you know spaghetti squash can explode too. Um yah, that was a BAD experience!
    Also hope you feel better ASAP! I can relate I’ve been feeling pretty bad the past few days. Not fun.

  7. i hate getting in those emotional funks. i know them well. sometimes you just need to bawl. i hope you feel better soon! meanwhile i owe you everything for posting ‘jesus christ’ and reminding me of how much i love that song and how long it’s been since i listened to brand new. hello spotify, let’s give it a go.

  8. You have an amazing looking pup. Just had to put it out there. Also, you remind me so much of my friend who reads something and has to try it out- almost to the extent of reading something that say DO NOT PUSH and yep. they push it!

    Amanda’s fudge= crack. I’ve no joke made 6 batches since she published it.

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