september foodie penpals!

As always, another month has completely flown by me. I swear I was just celebrating the re-appearance of pumpkin flavored everything. How is it October?! I must say I am a bit excited because my brother asked me to give out candy at his house since he’s working on Halloween. Open-mouthed smile When I was in the fifth grade, we moved to a rural area with no trick-or-treaters. I might have squealed a bit when he asked me to do it… Just a bit. What can I say? I MISS IT!

Now, on to the goodies I received from my Foodie Penpals match! If you haven’t signed up for this, I would definitely give it a try! You can read more about it here. Thank you again, Rebecca, for my package!

  • Maple Sugar Candies
  • Asparagus Guacamole
  • Pumpkin Butter
  • Dr. Flynn’s Tropical Fever Granola
  • Michigan Cherry Coffee (so good!)
  • Yogurt Covered Dried Cherries


I’m definitely most excited about this guacamole! How different, right!? I’m trying to figure out how to eat it best since I don’t eat chips or anything. Any suggestions???

I hope everyone had a really great weekend! I definitely had a good one, but I’ll talk more about it later since I’m off to go get DD pumpkin coffee with my mom. Catch you later Winking smile

What would you have eaten first out of this package?
Obviously the yogurt cherries didn’t stand a chance.


17 thoughts on “september foodie penpals!

  1. The granola and pumpkin butter look and sound really good. I saw pumpkin butter in a shop downtown last weekend and I’ve never had it, but it looked delicious. And how could something pumpkin NOT be tasty? Looks like you got a great haul this month!

  2. I miss giving out Halloween candy too! I live in the middle of the city, but I swear that Halloween is dying or something because I never get any kids, and my parents don’t either. So sad. As for the package… ooo that’s a tough one. But, being Canadian and having a huge sweet tooth, you better believe I’m eyeing those maple sugar candies 😉

  3. To answer your question, the maple sugar candies FOR SURE! Those little devils are so dang good, though sugary to the max… and I mean that in the best way possible of course 🙂 They’re expensive so I don’t buy them too often… also they can be hard to find! So I make sure to buy some when I’m at a farm/country store where they are usually stocked. Apple picking is coming up and I’ll; be sure to purchase one after picking and browsing around the store starts

  4. Haha I SO love handing out Halloween candy!! I hook those kids UPPP!! I would have opened all the candy to shove into my mouth while I went to my cupboard for chips to dip into the guac and pumpkin butter! HA! Basically I would have tried everything at once.

  5. I’d be allllllll over that pumpkin butter! And asparagus guacamole just out of curiosity – you’ll have to let me know if it tastes like the regular stuff. And since I just moved into an apartment and I’ve never really lived in one over Halloween, I have no idea if I’ll get trick or treaters or not. Or if I’ll even be home for Halloween – bah questions!

  6. um, what a GREAT box!!! it’s interesting that the asparagus guac is called guac at all since i don’t see avocado on the ingredient list. is it just mimicking the look of guac, like an asparagus chutney of sorts? i do love savory chutneys! the granola seems so perfect for yogurt, mmmm. glad you will get to hand out candy! last year i thought i’d enjoy it but the doorbell kept interrupting my dinner/dvr time and so i turned off our porch light. i am a halloween grinch.

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