lots and lots of cake… and pictures

I can’t believe it’s already the weekend! This week flew by so fast probably because I have a lot going on right now. Last Thursday, I got my knee drained at my orthopedic and my fluid was blood red which is not good at all. After he removed the fluid and gave me a cortisone shot, my knee felt better than it has for a long time… Until last night. There’s fluid back in there and, well, I’m a little pissy right now as you can probably imagine. Open-mouthed smile

Aside from this, last weekend I had the opportunity to bake a cake for a family member’s 50th anniversary party. Can you imagine being married for 50 years?! I do not know how they haven’t gotten sick of each other (Maybe that’s why I’m still single). Either way, the cake turned out awesome.

It was my brother’s birthday last weekend, too, so I was in charge in making him his cake of choice: Homemade
Funfetti Cake. It was a huge hit and, again, I was pretty happy with the final design. I used this recipe for the cake (+ some adjustments) and my mom’s homemade frosting. DELISH!


I have a post coming up next Thursday where I want to talk a little more about last weekend. It was the first time in forever I enjoyed time with my family and didn’t consume my thoughts with food. Just a win. I can’t believe I spent so many years worrying about such things like eating cake in front of my family. Oh the horror, right? Wrong.


This whole recovery thing just gets better and better.


As for now, I’m going to go walk Elmo before I settle in and watch Jeopardy and Shark Tank with my family.

And probably grumble and cry a bit because I was this close to believing my knee was healing. Enjoy the rest of my pictures and have a great weekend!



22 thoughts on “lots and lots of cake… and pictures

  1. The cake looked awesome! I’d look into the cortisone shots. I know a guy who had them once in his knee and he got cataracts from it. Luckily the injury happened at work, so worker’s comp paid for his cataract surgery, but still. I had an injection on my thumb and it helped SO much, but I was too hesitant to do it again!

  2. OH MY GOD CAN I HIRE YOU TO BAKE ME A CAKE?! I’m really bummed about your knee though and I really hope it gets better soon 😦 That darned knee has caused you way too much trouble and I can relate to that entirely (with the whole not knowing exactly what’s wrong thing)

  3. Those cakes look amazing! My birthday’s next week, you know in case you wanna come down to Charleston and bake me a cake. Free place to stay in Charleston! But then again that goes for ya if you’re ever in the area whether you bake for me or not.

    I’m glad you were able to enjoy the time with your family. The older I’ve gotten, the more my family means to me too and it’s so good to just enjoy time and not be preoccupied with things, even if it “seems” like you’re enjoying it to others.

  4. So, my birthday is coming up in January… just saying 😉 But seriously, both cakes look amazing girlie, and even more amazing is the fact that you were able to enjoy them with your family sans guilt. It really does make you stop and wonder what the heck we wasted so much time on, eh? But at least there’s PLENTY of time left to enjoy 😀

  5. Sooo… you’re an amazing baker and cake decorator. Wow. You seriously have TALENT going on here!!

    I can’t wait to hear more about how everything went over the weekend and stuff.

    I’m sorry about your knee still not healing 😦

  6. Wow! You do such a great job with cakes 🙂 I am a TERRIBLE baker so I am always really impressed when people go above and beyond! The ’30’ cake is my favorite but I am partial to sprinkles 😉

  7. I agree with everyone else’s comments, those cakes are AMAZING! The tree on the anniversary cake, how did you make that? It is beautiful! Also, what does the red fluid in your knee mean? Is there still hope for a full recovery, and this is just a step back?

  8. those cakes are GORGEOUS!!! i’m so happy to hear you were able to enjoy them and focus on the family. that’s amazing progress! i had a hard time focusing on family this weekend and put more thought than i would’ve liked into the food. lessons learned always though – i have faith i can do better next time!

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