switching it up + eagles game

Last week (before I got my necrosis scare) I ventured out with my mom to get a new pair of shoes. Throughout high school, I ran countless miles in Nike Shox and lost my fair share of toe nails. After going to a running store, I immediately fell in love with Brooks and have been wearing them ever since. After trying on countless pairs of shoes, I finally made the switch to Saucony. Heaven on my feet.

I have narrow feet and I think they were moving around too much in the Brooks. I love the width at the toe but I think it was contributing a little bit to the knee pain in my left knee. Since I’ve switched over, I realize how much this shoe fits my foot better and gives me more of a “stable” platform to run on.

And, since I’m stupid and decided to wear thin ass socks with my knee sneakers, this beauty showed up on my heel.


After a week of laying around and freaking out over possibly having necrosis, it was amazing to be able to go to my first Eagle’s game in over three years. I used to go to multiple games every season before my knee surgery since my dad is a season ticket holder. I missed it so much and spending time with my dad sans arguments was even better.

Before we went to the stadium, I researched vegetarian options at the Linc and found out they were voted the most vegetarian friendly stadiums in 2011 and 2012. Awesome! I got myself a veggie dog and it was good but for some reason I felt really weird eating something which is meant to taste like meat. It was just a really odd feeling to be eating “pork” even if it wasn’t pork. Also, I enjoyed some Chickie and Pete’s fries with my dad.

I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t have any bad thoughts while eating the fries. My dad said he didn’t want any at the beginning of the 3rd quarter so I opted for BareFruit Apple Chips. Then, when I went to get a drink he told me to go get fries too. Immediately I thought, “But I just ate my snack”. Then, I told myself to get over it and it’s only one day. So, enjoy the fries I did because those babies are good. The Old Bay seasoning gets to you fast because those things are COATED, but I thoroughly enjoyed them until I was satisfied.

Off to go cuddle with my little guy! It was a great weekend because this was the first time I got out of my house to do something far away. It gave me anxiety because at any moment my knee can really start bothering me, but dammit, I made sure to make it this year. Suck it, knee. (Okay, not really don’t get mad at me and start giving me trouble.) Off to go cuddle. Red heart

For my vegetarian friends, does eating products which are supposed to taste like meat freak you out a little bit?
I just find it odd to be eating a meat-flavored meal when I don’t eat meat…
What is the last big sports event you’ve attended?


27 thoughts on “switching it up + eagles game

  1. As far as vegetarian products go, I can be a little picky. I like veggie burgers but the ones I like are made of veggies mostly- not the super processed ones. I like black bean burgers, but trader joe’s has a veggie masala burger that you can see the veggies in- that’s probably my favorite store-bought one.

    The last sports event I attended was a rugby game here in Charleston. I really like South Carolina football games though- we’ve never been to a pro game but it’s so neat they had vegetarian food at the stadium. I don’t think there are many veggie options at Carolina games aside from pizza (which isn’t vegan, it’s covered in cheese) and maybe popcorn or something.

    I like your new shoes :). I just got a new pair of MIzuno’s myself.

  2. It’s so good to see you smiling! That’s wonderful you had a great time at the game with your dad. And it’s super awesome you were able to honor your cravings and eat the fries. And can I just say I am loving those shoes?!?! So colorful!!!

  3. Aw I’m so excited for you! This really was the perfect weekend for you and I’m really glad you got to enjoy a mostly anxiety free weekend. You deserve it more than anyone. Also, you’re totally right about the sneakers. Brooks naturally runs wider so that’s why your feet would be sliding around. Those saucony’s are BRIGHT! We don’t have any that are that color in my store yet.

  4. Awwr that’s so awesome that you got to spend some time with your dad. I’m not huge on football (I blame being Canadian), but I’ve always loved going to watch hockey games with my dad — it was our thing. That being said, I think the last game we went to was around Father’s Day last year, so we’re long overdue for another one…

    Give Elmo a hug for me!

  5. I’m glad you had such a great time. You truly deserve fun and exciting weekends like this. I’m glad you got it. I’m really close with my dad so these types of weekends are def what I would enjoy. I guess my last big sporting events were going to big Hockey games at Oswego state. I would say it counts because they were so into hockey. I haven’t been to a football game in ages!

  6. That blister looks so ouchy!!! I hope it goes away soon! I am SO jealous you went to an Eagles game! I’ve never been and really really really want to go!

  7. ha thats funny- i never thought about it before, but yeah why do they make vegetarian products taste like meat…? the whole point is that vegetarians dont want to eat meat so why would a meat flavored thing be a good thing?? huh. mind blown! anyways, looks like a fun time with your dad!! (and good for you for getting into those fries!!)

  8. i’m not a vegetarian but things that taste like meat? that would be strange. i love asics shoes; i tried running in nikes but i have the opposite problem you have – my feet are wide as hell; like fred flintstone square feet so i had to switch. asics and new balance shoes are my jam!

  9. Ohh baby am I obsessed with your shoes! SO cute! I might have to steal your fashion sense when it comes time to get a new pair ;).

    So glad you enjoyed the game with your dad! Fully celebrating life sometimes requires that you get out of your comfort zone, and I’m so glad to hear that you pushed those negative thoughts aside! ❤

    • Those are my FAVORITE. It’s just odd for me (being a vegetarian) to eat something meat-flavored when being a vegetarian means not eating meat. It’s just a weird feeling even if it is only tofu! Lol

  10. I’ve always worn Brooks Running shoes too, I was nearly convinced this latest pair of shoes to switch to Saucony too but I just couldn’t do it 🙂

    Ouch to that blister, that does not look good, I’ve had that problem before with too thin socks and now I have socks that I will do a weights session in but socks I keep just for running!

  11. We all know I’m a saucony addict so I will say YAYYY!!! 🙂 super cute shoes! Bummer about the blister though!

    So glad you were able to go to the Eagles game, NFL games are my favorite! 🙂

    Sending positive vibes your way lady, I know you have a lot going on–*hugs*

  12. I’m so happy you had a fun time with your dad and enjoyed your snakc AND let yourself have fries! That is so awesome… I know it can be tough to “break” rules/habits, but it seems like you’re really giving it your best effort and trying your hardest. WOO!!

  13. The shoes are super cute, I love bright! Ouch on the foot though!

    Biggest sporting event I went to, Superbowl! I went one year when the Steelers were in it and they won!

    Have fun giving out candy at your brothers! I love giving out candy to see all the cute costumes!

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