boo! said the ghost

Last week was one of those weeks I just felt off. I was cranky and moody for no reason other than being stuck in a rut. I tried the “Ways of Getting Yourself Out of a Funk” (read: not so much of a bi-otch), but things were just not going my way. Then, two days ago I was hit with a head cold. Bingo! I am pretty sure a majority of my bad mood was my body trying to fight this thing off. I just hope it passes soon! On to better things…

Happy Halloween!

Today is going to be filled with coughs, sneezes, Purell, and candy! This cold is not going to stop me from giving out candy at my brother’s house, so I’ll be dis-infecting myself like crazy. I have missed this since we moved to a wooded area in the 5th grade. I just hope I don’t get egg-ed. I just have to make sure not to give out apples (boo! hiss!).

I got my October Foodie Pen Pal this month from Elizabeth! She included:

  • Wondermade Pumpkin Marshmallows (!!!)
  • Seaweed Snack Bits
  • Ginger Chews
  • Coconut Chili Macadamias
  • OMGarlic! Cheese Bread Spread
  • Dark Chocolate Pieces (x2)
  • 479 Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn
  • Boulder Granola
    And a movie for my popcorn! Open-mouthed smile


I must say I am so excited to make S’mores with the pumpkin marshmallows. I wish I could have taped my expression when I saw these in my package! Thank you, Elizabeth!

Now, I am off to shower, get dressed, and shove Elmo into his Halloween costume. Just kidding! He loves it…

Winking smile Have a good one!


14 thoughts on “boo! said the ghost

  1. I was in a weird funk last week too, but mine wasn’t the precursor to a cold, thankfully. Feel better soon! And I have to admit that my eyes made a beeline for those pumpkin marshmallows when I saw your FPP pic… Why is it that you guys have so many better products down there than we do up here?? Probably to make me visit more often. Ahh well.. Happy Halloween, girlie!

  2. Have a great time handing out candy! I’m doing that as well tonight 🙂 We also got our beagle a Wonder Woman costume this year!

  3. Pumpkin marshmallows? Okay, I am officially jealous of your haul this month. It looks like you got some great stuff all around, though! Have fun handing out candy, I will be dressed as Wilma Flintstone to hand it out here. Unfortunately the kids probably won’t know who that is… feeling old over here!

  4. um holy freaking cow. I have never seen any of those products and I want them! pumpkin pie flavored, seaweed snacks, ginger chews… all up my alley. enjoy those goodies! I miss being able to do foodie pen pal.

  5. I am so sorry you caught a cold… at least that explains the crankyness! I always know when I’m getting a cold because my skin starts to hurt and feel extra sensitive… isn’t that so weird?!

  6. I hope that your cold has gone away babe!! Gosh the one that hit me last month was NOT FUN, and I am doing everything I can to avoid getting another one!! BTW, what was Elmo’s costume??

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