i mustache you a question…

I wish I could say this weekend helped get rid of my “funk”, but unfortunately it isn’t the case. I keep trying to push it aside but it’s not going anywhere. I think I know what’s causing it (okay, I lie… I totally do) but I just don’t want to talk about it right now. It didn’t help I dressed up Elmo in his Halloween costume and only got 3 groups of trick-or-treat-ers. Yeah, a whoooooole 3 groups. Elmo kept it original this year and decided to be himself. Winking smile


Oh! And to top it all off… My brother’s neighbor decided to bring his girlfriend’s son a goodie bag which was really nice and sweet. What isn’t so sweet is her little scotty dog attacking Elmo. I have never witnessed a dog be so sweet than show it’s teeth in less than five seconds. Absurd. Riddle me this: Why bring your dog if it isn’t friendly with other dogs? The world will never know, I guess.


Friday and Saturday were spent laying around going from Little Miss Grumpy Pants to Little Miss Smarty Pants every hour. If it doesn’t scream, “Bi-polar!” to you, I do not know what will convince you. I did manage to continue my morning walk each morning because I am a firm believer exercise kicks colds. And mine is almost gone. My mom asked how I got rid of mine so quickly and I swear it’s because of exercise… I’ve believed it since high school because I barely ever got sick when I ran all the time.


On Saturday night, I decided to bake my brother a cake for his 29th birthday!
I mustache you a question: Do you love it?! (hashtag mustache humor)

Although I was not feeling 100% this weekend, it is always nice to see my family.


It was even better because my mom made me a special pot of vegetarian pot pie with whole wheat pasta. An entire batch only has one teaspoon of butter and one egg. I always thought it was bad for you, but it was in my deep eating disorder days. Looking at it now, it’s really not too bad at all!
Seriously, I love her a lot. It meant so much to me for her to do it. And it was stinkin’ delicious.

Now, I’m taking care of Elmo who snagged a piece of ham and some broth when my family was over. He is now spewing his guts from both ends. Poor little guy cannot handle people food.

Catch you later! Smile


33 thoughts on “i mustache you a question…

  1. Sorry you are still in a funk:-(.
    You have a sweet mamma. My mother will do this for me when she makes lasagna since I do not eat beef.
    Poor elmo. My babies do not have that problem. Their papa gives them ice cream or popcorn every night!

  2. Love that you made your brother that awesome cake, you are a great sister!

    SOrry you are in a funk- I get the up and down thing. I have such a short fuse right now and riding the emotional highs and lows for sure. You’ll pull through it, you’re one tough cookie! Gie elmo some extra hugs too!

  3. That has got to be one of the best cakes I’ve ever seen. My birthday is coming up in January… just sayin’ 😉

    At least you got three groups of trick or treaters… We didn’t get any. I went over to a friend’s house to help hand out candy, and the doorbell didn’t even ring once. Halloween just doesn’t seem to be what it used to anymore.

    And I’m sorry to hear that you’re in a funk, love. Don’t hesitate to hit me up if you ever need to chat ❤

    • Will do! And I know what you mean about TorT-ers. I think times are changing now and it makes me sad for all the kids. They choose video games over man hunt and things… It just doesn’t seem right.

  4. OKAY # 1 – ELMO = FLIPPING ADORABLE!!!!!!! I want to dress my dogs in that outfit!
    # 2 = HELLO AMAZING BAKER WHO SHOULD BE ON THE FOOD NETWORK challenge for crazy cakes
    # 3 = I can TOTALLY BE bipolar (or tripolar, lol) too – so don’t even worry about it! You are allowed to be in a grumpy pants mood every so often!

  5. Sorry about being in a funk but that cake is seriously awesome. I know you will make it through. I think the combination of the cold weather and earlier nightfall has got everyone a little down. My birthday is in July you know 😉

  6. rry you’re in a funk lady 😦 I know I’ve been there more times than I can count but staying moving and being around family helps. I agree that exercise helps colds. I’m battling a cough now and running helped so much. I wouldn’t run if I. Got too much sicker but I think it’s good for mild colds. And that cake. Dying. My roommate is obsessed with mustaches so I have a deep appreciation for them. You should become a baker because your cakes always come out so good!

    • It was always my second choice career 😉 Always a back-up if things go completely wrong. Lol! And I swear running cures colds. Some people would love to argue but it has worked for me since I can remember!

  7. Love the cake — so adorable. My brother turned 29 on Friday. 🙂 I agree with you about the running/working out thing — I never, ever get sick (knock knock) and I swear it’s the constant tough workouts.

  8. I LOVE your cake, and your brother is a total babe hahahaha. I HATE unfriendly dogs..that shit is so annoyingg arrghh. I hope you feel better soon, and don’t feel obligate to share anything you don’t want to!

  9. Sorry you’re feeling funky lately! It can be real hard to bust out of a funk, but remember that this too shall pass. Cliche? Yes. True? Also yes.

    Um, and please bake/mail me a cake. Please please please?

  10. This cake is simply amazing. So cool you made that.
    Im’ sorry to hear about your funk going on in life lately, really hope things get better soon! They obviously will since everything always works out in that way. We just need to get through the rough times so we can get to the good stuff!

  11. Spewing from both ends? Yikes… that’s not going to help the funk :-/
    I love the cake– sounds like you’re a great sister! And while it’s totally a bummer to have a low number of trick or treaters I just gotta say that my dog rocks her halloween costumers year round when it strikes my fancy. Maybe THAT will help with the funk– just dress the little beast up.

  12. Poor little Elmo!! My pup literally has a stomach of steel. She’ s eaten so many naughty things!! I came home once to find a chocolate muffin wrapper on the floor, literally LICKED clean. No crumbs, no evidence that there was ever a muffin in that wrapper. I of course flipped, but she was totally fine! She’s a weird one my puppers 🙂

  13. i hope you’ve bumped that funk by now! that mustache cake is sooo awesome. you should be proud of it! i’m really happy that you got to enjoy that special vegetarian meal your mom made you. i still have issues with pasta..butter..whole eggs. but at least i will eat them even if i have to deal with anxiety after. i used to be paralyzed by fear and wouldn’t even touch them. we’re getting there!

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