in the phase of recovery

Yesterday was surgery number 7!

I am happy to report everything went relatively well and I am on the recovery front. On my way to the hospital, I was about to be sick on the side of the road. You know the sulfur taste when you just know something isn’t brewing right in your stomach? Yeah, I had it and refused to get sick so I sucked it up. My mom thought it was nerves but I am pretty sure it was the sushi I had the previous night. Or the fact I wasn’t able to drink coffee in the morning so I was having serious withdrawal! Haha!

Once we got all settled into the hospital, it was the normal procedures. My surgeon came in to give me a fist pump and talk about the surgery. I opted to stay awake the entire time and watch on a small television which is awesome. He ended up cleaning up a minor fraying of my medial meniscus and shaving away some irritated plica tissue. I am just praying this is the final surgery.

The most awkward thing was watching him tug and pull my leg without actually feeling anything. It’s weird to see your leg flying around in the air without feeling one ounce of any movement. And for once I haven’t gotten sick on the spinal anesthesia. This is the first time out of four surgeries where I haven’t gotten the dreaded spinal headache or spew my guts up for twelve hours straight. Hooray! So far so good!

Right now, I am on the recovery front. I can get around pretty well but I am already going stir crazy. It is hard for me to have an appetite right now which I dread the most. My brain plays funny tricks on me when I am down for the count; plus, the little voice in my head is scared to eat in case I get sick on the anesthesia!

I am just so happy it is over. I have a lot going on in my personal life right now which makes this recovery a little difficult, too. There’s a lot of time to just sit and think which isn’t what I need to do right now. Hopefully snuggling with my doggy and watching The Holiday (personal fave!) will help things out.

So, this is me signing off letting you know everything went well on my new Dell laptop I purchased from Ebay. It’s refurbished since it is all I can afford, so I hope it works okay for me over the years!

xo Laur


13 thoughts on “in the phase of recovery

  1. I’m really glad to hear things went well and I really hope that this is your last surgery! You deserve to finally be free of knee problems. The holiday is such a good movie. I’m thinking a movie night is in order for me tonight…

  2. Super happy to hear that everything went well for you on the surgery front, love. Keeping my fingers crossed that your recovey goes well and that everything stays fixed this time around. Don’t be afraid to eat, though — your body needs the energy to properly heal!

    • I know! I always feel so crappy on the medications, though. It’s the worst! Don’t worry, though, I just made some totally healthy banana bread stuffed with dark chocolate truffles to balance everything out 😀

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