one week down

It’s been one week since my surgery! Of course, I’m freaking out per usual about the progress I am making but I am a worry wart at heart so it’s nothing new!

Overall, I have really been trying to keep up my strength the best I can throughout this recovery. It is definitely a lot different compared to my last surgery when I was on crutches for months and couldn’t bend my leg for what seemed like forever! It’s nice to be able to get around sans crutches and be able to sit on the toilet Open-mouthed smile It’s the little things.

One thing which does bother me is the amount of fluid/swelling in my knee. It has been a week, and although I am doing some biking in the morning to keep it moving, the swelling doesn’t seem to be going down. It is odd because I sit with ice on my knee almost all day long, so it becomes kind of stressful to see no signs of improvement.

I know I just had surgery a week ago, but it was a relatively easy surgery. I did not have anything major repaired in my knee, so I am starting to feel this anxiety of things not healing again. Yikes. It just scares me, but really, can you blame me?

I have been thinking about my career for days now, but cannot seem to grasp what I really want in life. To be honest, the more time I spent in the hospital the more I wish I would have went for something medical. When I was in high school, I was the student who sent in their applications last minute and did not research or visit any colleges. I just kind of jumped in there and went along for the ride. As I said, though, after spending time in the hospital I wish I would have researched medical professions. There is no way I could go back for another eight years to be some kind of doctor or surgeon. There’s no way I could afford it either.

I would love to be able to test the waters with some kind of financial/analytical job. I always said I did not want a desk job, but given my current knee circumstances it seems like a good option. Bonus points if I could bring Elmo to work with me!!! I would love it so much (and so would he, obviously)!

I am just all kinds of confused nowadays. I really wish I could just go back to high school and take college applications seriously! Oy vey!

Have a great Friday!!!

xo Laur & Elmo (He’s always by my side Smile)


15 thoughts on “one week down

  1. Hi! Haven’t commented before but I do read your blog regularly, would you ever consider going into nursing? There are job opportunities in every area of the country, and room for advancement if you ever wanted to be a practitioner (nurse practitioners now get their doctorate). Since you already have a Bachelors degree, you could do an accelerated Bachelors in Nursing program that would only take 12-15 months to complete. I did it last year after being dissatisfied with my first degree. Now I have a 2nd B.S. in nursing and I didn’t have to pay anything for it (the hospital I work at now paid for everything as long as I work there for 2 years.) honestly it’s a great choice, challenging for sure, but a wonderful career. Not sure where you live but there are programs like this all over. I did mine at Binghamton University in Binghamton, NY. Good luck with your recovery!

    • The fact nursing seems out of the picture right now stinks because of my knee; however, if my knee clears up this is something I would DEFINITELY consider. This is why I love blogging and I’m SO thankful you took the time to comment! I did not know accelerated programs (and hospital financial aid) even existed as an option! Thank you SO much!

  2. Man I feel like you’re in my head! These past few weeks I’ve really really been stressing about what I’m going to do with my life! And the thought of going back to school makes me want to jump off a cliff😭😭😭 I feel like I’m not getting anywhere and now my friends are getting married?! Ughh and here I am, at home, with my parents, just trying to get through the day without an anxiety attack! Woo hoo!
    Oy! That’s all I got to say!
    O and I Love you girl!!

  3. I’m glad to hear that you’re recovering well! It is nice to be able to walk around without crutches, I was never skilled in that area 😉 I’m dealing with a slight knee injury right now from my half, and it’s driving me crazy, so I can definitely relate & have so much respect for you! I hear you on the career thoughts, it’s crazy we have to make that decision at 18-19! I’d say, follow your heart, and if there’s really something different you want to do you can always go back to school! I’m loving Grad school, and am hoping to change my career a bit as a result, while still using my undergrad degree as well. It’s all hard! I had a friend that worked at a non-profit (I think!) where they all brought dogs in. Maybe you can find a dog-related non-profit – some kind of advocacy thing. OR you could even start your own! The possibilities are endless 🙂 Please know I’m always here if you need someone to talk to! xoxo

    • Girl, take care of yourself!!! Believe me, if it’s something which can be taken care of without surgery, let it COMPLETELY heal up!!! This little rest is a lot better than a prolonged time of rest!

  4. It’s really crazy to expect people in their early 20s to know what they want to do FOREVER! I say just start applying to anything and everything. I’m a nurse and think it’d be tough with all those knee problems! Any patient care is spent on your feet (until you get experience and into a more relaxed job). But just do ANYTHING you can and I promise, you’ll either rule out a career or keep it going. I had no clue what to do and am going to grad school to get my masters in nursing so I can stop taking care of people, but it took 3 years of nursing and 6 years in the medical field to decide that this isn’t what I want!

    • I know it’s tough to really sit down and every think of a certain career to be “the one”, but I do wish I could just realize what I want to do to make myself happy. I feel like I almost don’t know myself anymore? It’s such a weird feeling.

      • Although it may not make you feel better- it’s normal. When you go from a set path to a gazillion opportunities, it’s a big dose of adulthood/reality. You WILL figure it out one day!

  5. I definitely had those moments where I wished I could have gone back and done things differently,, but regret is one of those things that doesn’t get us anywhere so try not to indulge in it too much. Just remember that you’re never too old and it’s never too late for anything… Also, don’t ever compare yourself to others because that’s what’ll get you into trouble worse than anything else. Everyone had different circumstances to deal with, and girllll you’re doing just fine ❤

    • The comparison trap is such a problem for me. The struggle is real, for sure. I just look around at everyone being successful and going on vacations because they make enough money to do it. It’s just terrible to feel like you’re not COMPLETELY living life.

  6. Don’t even get me started on being lost in the career world. I’m 25 and still have at least 4 years of school ahead of me…you’d think the first 5 years of college would have paid off…nope! HA!

  7. Don’t rule anything out right now. You are young and fabulous and have a hell of alot of life in front of you. I know it is confusing and I can’t make that any easier. What I can tell you is I have started over before. I changed careers completely about a year and a half ago- sure its hard learning something new and I’m still learning but I’m in a much better place than I was. You have a TON of support- don’t let fear hold you back love. As always, I am always here to talk to if you need me!

  8. It’s never too late to do something different from your major! If you figure out something that you want, go for it! I know it’s hard to know what you really want to do, though. I feel the same way all the time!

    I hope the swelling in your knee begins to go down soon. Yay for being able to sit on the toilet!

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