pass the pumpkin

It feels good to have this little space. I love just writing down whatever and just putting it out there. Sometimes I feel embarrassed at the thought of people I have known for years to stumble across my blog; but in the end, I really do not give a fuck. (to put it lightly)

It’s pumpkin season and I fucking love it. Sorry, but I am kind of over the 90 degree weather. Give me 70s and pumpkin coffee right meow!

This weekend flew by despite the less-than-stellar weather. It is hard for me to look forward to weekends because it’s a lot of downtime with my parents. One thing I struggle is feeling guilty for not really being able to have a full-time job. I go to doctor’s appointments all week long and it is almost impossible for me to have a consistent job. If I were to get one, I am sure my boss would not appreciate me asking for three days off a week or to leave early every day. So when the weekends come, I am sitting around in plain view of my parents. It is just bad how dependent I am on them when I was pretty independent my entire life.

Otherwise, I did spend a lot of time with my mom this weekend. We go to a local farmer’s market/orchard to get fresh produce all the time. It’s a cute little place and it’s nice to just get away with her. I did realize, though, my family is definitely a fruit-loving family. Currently we have bananas, fresh figs (!!!), cherries, grapes, cantaloupe, peaches, watermelon, and a pineapple in our kitchen. That’s a lot of fruit!

I really want to make my family a peach pie. Fresh peaches are not my favorite fruit but they are definitely delicious if you get the “perfect” ones. Considering I made a pineapple upside down cake yesterday and there is one piece left, I may have to break out the pie making skills.

We made an appointment for UPenn today for me to see a neurologist… in October. There is a bit of anger about how long I have to continue to wait for these appointments, but I am glad it is made and I can go see the doctor. I have other appointments this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I should probably just pitch a tent and sleep there. Lolz

xo Laur


14 thoughts on “pass the pumpkin

  1. I cannot even imagine how frustrating that is. I hope you are able to find something that helps your recovery soon.

    I am with you on wanting 70 degree weather at this point.

    • I wish I could live somewhere with 70 degree weather year round. I pretty much want to live in a fantasy world where it’s fall all the time, I don’t have to work, and I can have all of the pumpkin things… And a good knee. Ahh, life would be good.

  2. Good luck with your appointment! It was cooler here yesterday and felt like Fall in the morning, which got me really excited for pumpkin spice, football, and all things Fall!

  3. October does feel like a long ways away to wait for an appointment, buuut at least you got it in the books and can look forward to getting some answers!!

    The heat is cranking up here in Pittsburgh and I love it. I’m not ready for fall just yet, but I know it’s coming. I’m excited… but this has been the best summer of my life and I’m hanging on to every last moment, haha. Once fall hits, though, bring on the pumpkin!!

    Oh yeah, I LOVE you Instagram picture of Elmo’s little rump. OH MY. So, so cute. Is that weird?! Probably.. 🙂

    • LOL I’m obsessed with his little toosh, so it’s not weird to me 😉

      And I would want to hang on to summer, too, if I were you! You definitely had probably the most memorable summer of your life!

      And although I normally DO love warmer weather, I am just kind of over sweating all the time. The 70s are my happy temperature!

  4. SO with you about the weather. Actually, I think I’ve been wishing summer away since August hit 😆 Not that I have anything against it, but I love fall a whole heck of a lot more and I’m more than ready to bust out the boots, sweaters, and pumpkinnnnnnn. Less than a month to go!!

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