I am a baker and smile creator.


Runs are always better when I have time to cuddle with this little guy in the morning. I have a habit of having a cup of coffee before I workout, so I always get Elmo out of bed just to sit with me. We have a “morning routine”, but the days I run I try to just stay at home, watch Kelly and Michael with him, and set off at about 10.

I have a really bad habit of “Snapping” while I am in the car. I get yelled at by numerous friends for this while I am holding my phone and rapping like a white girl. I am classy with my Steve Madden ray-bans… Or pretending to be classy anyways.

Elmo is not impressed.

I wish I went to culinary school to become some type of baker, cake decorator, etc. I love doing cakes for family/friends. It gets my mind off of feeling like a completely cripple for about an hour. Winking smile

I love being Aunt Laur right now. Sophia cries very little and my brother has been blessed with a content baby. She’s a doll. I am obsessed. Look at her smile!!!

Time to go cuddle with this little guy. My rockin’ Saturday night!

xo Laur


13 thoughts on “I am a baker and smile creator.

  1. So… my birthday is in January. Just saying 😉 I’m seriously impressed, though! I have absolutely NO patience when it comes to decorating cakes, and usually go the easy route and just slather the whole thing with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. One of these days… I’ll make a nice cake. Maybe 😆

    • I think the fun part is just slapping on whatever you want! I’m SUCH a nervous nelly when I have to decorate them for someone else… But for family you can just make little blobs and call them snow people… because, well, you said so! 😀

  2. That photo of you and Elmo is so adorable. I love it and I am pretty sure I liked it on all the social media platforms. Can I hire you to do decorating? That is awesome.

  3. SO, basically…you should totally look into making cakes and treats for people!!! You could totally “self teach” yourself and it would give you fun things to do at home!! Start small and sell to family and friends!

    • Honestly, I wish I could do this but I think I wouldn’t get any buyers! Haha! I should make a spreadsheet with costs and just start handing out dozens of cookies with the right amount. hmmm!

  4. I hope I’m an aunt one day. I keep waiting for my older prother and his wife to say they’re expecting soon, haha. Meanwhile my mom is like “Okay Allie, you can have kids NOW!” because she really wants to be a grandma.

    Your cake looks amazing!

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