> elmo’s third birthday <


The other day, my little man turned three years old.


Elmo has terrible allergies which we determined are not related to food. My vet told me they were some of the most severe allergic reactions he has seen during his time.


He is on a special hypoallergenic food/treats to keep things at bay, but after about six months it was easy to tell it’s environmental.


Needless to say, mommy has been sneaking him peanut butter (his favorite!) and, of course, I had to get him a birthday donut.

IMG_0378 (1)

Love you, Elmo!

xo Laur


8 thoughts on “> elmo’s third birthday <

  1. This is seriously the cutest thing! My dogs eat basically anything so they wouldn’t care if it was a donut or a carrot but still, everyone deserves a special treat on their bday!!

    • My dog considers anything other than his hypoallergenic treats/food special! LOL His diet is so boring and, thankfully, I can give him peanut butter again since we ruled out a food allergy! And I agree, everyone deserves a treat on their bday!

    • The thing is… the two which showed up on his blood work were minimal reactions. Soooo, we pretty much have NO idea what is causing his whole entire body to FREAK out. AND the medication which works for him is on back order ><

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