> vegetable soup & diner pancakes <

There are so many things I could write about recovering from an eating disorder. The way you view your body, your body, your ability or inability to accept being imperfect, the food,… the list is never ending.

Every aspect of your life changes with an eating disorder which is hard to believe, but you pretty much strip yourself of yourself and live life blinded by your self. Am I making sense? Probably not.

Every day I realize I have more growth in terms of my recovery which was daunting in the past, but now I see every day as a small victory. I reflect and grow instead of look for things to beat myself up and go back.
One of the things I have missed was being able to trust my mom making my own meals. The only thing I care about is whether or not it is vegetarian. My mom –love her dearly – even uses separate spoons and everything now.
She made a small pot of vegetarian vegetable soup for me with cabbage, corn, lima beans, string beans, okra, etc. The main pot of soup was made with beef, but she made a special little pot for me.
It was delicious most likely due to the amount of love she put into it. I believe in this saying so, so much.

Another one of my favorite things I tried to make myself believe I didn’t miss? Diner pancakes. UGH, the pancakes.
The waitress always laughs at me because I ask for chocolate chips than sugar free syrup. I tell her balance is key and she laughs every time. πŸ˜‰

This was the second night in a row my mom and I went to this diner. If you it ain’t broke…. Orrrrrr if you like diner food, talking about life, laughing, and meandering Target afterwards.


It’s the small victories in life which matter every day. And those victories are the things to focus on instead of the setbacks.

xo Laur


10 thoughts on “> vegetable soup & diner pancakes <

  1. I love getting breakfast food out, especially pancakes :). That’s so sweet of your mom to cook some special soup for you. My MIL does that for holidays with some dishes and I love it :).

    • She wouldn’t have done this for us as kids… We had to eat what was made or we didn’t leave the table. Lol, but now she is definitely more accommodating to everyone. She’s a people pleaser lol.

  2. It’s pretty amazing how we start to appreciate the simple stuff after suffering from an ED, eh? And I’m totally with you about food tasting completely different when it’s been made with love. I think that’s why, to this day, I hardly ever make my own soup or pancakes — they just never taste as good as when my mom makes them!

    • I know. I cannot get over how different my mom’s foods and things taste compared to my own. My mom always made “bird in the nest” for us as kids. I tried making them at school MULTIPLE times and gave up due to so many failed attempts. Lol

  3. LOVE this post soo much! I think it’s so great that you and your mom have a close relationship and that you now trust her to make your food and that she makes it with so much love! Plus, you can’t beat good conversation + meandering through Target :). Aaaaand now I miss my mom! Haha!

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