> doggy day care and trader joe’s heaven <

Yesterday started off bright and early by taking Elmo to the Douglassville Pet Center for Doggy Day Care.
I haven’t mentioned it much but Elmo has spent a lot of time by my side throughout my surgeries, so he’s a bit anti-social. Plus, he got attacked by another dog a year ago. I have anxious energy so I am letting professionals begin to socialize him more. I feel bad because he doesn’t have any doggy play dates!
Then, I was off to Trader Joes in Media. I wish so badly I could afford to rent an apartment on the main line and go back to school.
A girl can dream.
And a girl can be close to the big “O” with this stuff. The big “O” referring to, “Ooooooohmygosh, COOKIES,” of course! ;o)
After spending only $35!!!, it was off to the Rothman Institute for my 3rd opinion. Oh wait, my appointment was on Wednesday. Yeah, I came the wrong day. I’m taking it as a sign instead of taking it out on myself.
Mistakes happen.
I stopped at a friend’s house in Philly for a bit and headed back into tons of traffic on 422. Oof.
And spent the night relaxing with my played out pup.<3

xo Laur


9 thoughts on “> doggy day care and trader joe’s heaven <

    • I’ve gone to the wrong appointment and time before and it’s always rough. Sorry you drove all the way out there. I can’t believe you only spent 35 at Trader Joes. That is winning.

      • I know. I cannot believe I only spent 35$. Part of me knows if I went into Wegmans, the same amount of stuff probably would have cost about $70 lol. And when do you have off? Is it a certain day of the week or randomly?

  1. Sorry about going to the appointment on the wrong day. I’ve shown up for things on the wrong day or meetings at the wrong time and stuff too, accidents happen. But at least you got to go to Trader Joe’s! It looks like yours is a lot bigger than the one here, I need to check out those cookies too!

    • Ahhh, I know. It was bound to happen eventually haha. And yeah, this one looked big on the outside but it was deceiving. I think it was one of the smaller ones??? Maybe? IDK! lol but yeah, those cookies are amazing.

  2. I love that you take Elmo to get socialized!! You’re a great mama I tell ya. And pooooo to the wrong day, BUTTTT you got to go to TJ’s so that’s a win. Now you can go AGAIN on Wednesday. HA.

    • It’s at a different location >< BUT it is near King of Prussia mall so that's winning. haha! And seriously, as soon as I entered Trader Joe's I immediately thought of you!!! Actually, the one girl who suggested the cookies looked like you a little bit haha!

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