> the weekend babysitter <

I cannot imagine a better way to spend my weekend than with a smiling baby.
Saturday, my mom and I babysat Sophia in the afternoon while my brother and his girlfriend to her son sledding nearby.
It is much better to babysit during the day, though. We all seem to be a little cranky at night. Plus, my mom had a heart attack near Christmas so we all need to take it easy.
I got beat up all day.
On Sunday, my brother called to ask if I would babysit again while he worked in his garage to change things around on his car.

I didn’t have any plans (nothing new), so why not?
I think I would have chose to babysit her if I had plans, anyway.
Family > Everything else. Right?
“What you looking at, Willis?” Did you watch this show??
IMG_0557 (1)
Little girl has so many expressions. Can you believe she’s only 5 months old?!
I thought my babysitting was over, but thanks to the random snow storm and my brother’s girlfriend’s son having a doctor’s appointment I got to play again!
She makes me super happy. Between her and Elmo, I am not sure what more I could ask for in life… Except maybe a boyfriend so I can have one of my own. 😉 Just kidding. Kinda. A puppy will do for now!

xo Laur


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