> being true to yourself <

Did you ever wonder if you really know a person?

Sometimes I find myself wondering how much I truly know about one of my friends or family members.

I think it is normal to have a variety of opinions, but do you ever have a conversation with someone where they tell you one thing and change it two hours later? You will overhear a conversation and the person will say something completely opposite of what you discussed earlier.

It makes me question the authenticity of my friendships and relationships. Just how much do you know about a person who is not true to his/her own self? I understand the identification of a “people pleaser”; but when it comes to a point of lying to please others, is it really worth it?

I find myself thinking this a lot. I will be with someone and the other person is baffled by their suggestive ways because the person acts a different way around me. It is almost as if he/she is caught in a double life.

I know this is a very random thought, but it just makes me wonder why people create different versions of themselves to please other people? Why not stay true to who you are in order to make friends. Are you afraid of your opinion? Are you afraid of rejection or a dispute over something?

I believe the essence of conversation is the greatness of altering opinions. I love to learn about a person’s point of view and why he/she thinks a certain way. It is the same reason I love people who are gamers, students, football players, bakers, etc. I love learning what and why people love what they do for fun.

So, why is it people try to hide their identity? Do you truly know your parents, brothers, sisters, etc.?

Just a thought. Be yourself. Always.

xo Laur

2 thoughts on “> being true to yourself <

    • I appreciate you replying! I truly agree. I always love when you can tell people really open up during a conversation, it’s like putting your relationship on a new level.

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