: weekend highlights + birthday party :

On Friday, I went to therapy for most of the day, but I also had another MRI today. I was in Malvern from 11-5. Luckily, I have been able to bring Elmo and drop him off at What a Good Dog for a half day of doggy day care.


I let him sit on my lap on the way home, which does not happen a lot, because he is WIPED OUT when he leaves the place. He slept the entire ride home. He’s socializing a little bit more with all of the dogs so I am happy he’s happy!

On Saturday, I lounged around for most of the day. I spend a lot of time in my car driving to the Main Line (Malvern, Media, etc.) because it is where all of my doctors are located, so sometimes I just want to lounge around.


Of course Elmo is right there with me. He’s such a mommy’s boy. ❤


My parents and I ended up going to the Exeter Diner for dinner. We had the same waitress as last time and she remembered my order. LOVE THAT! It makes me feel so welcome there. Can you guess what I ordered for dinner, as per usual?!


Sunday was my belated birthday party! My birthday is January 31st, but since everyone kept getting sick we ended up waiting until this weekend to celebrate. I decided to try and be a girl, so I curled my hair and wore red lipstick. I only burnt five fingertips. I consider it a win 😉


We had a pizza buffet from Rapidough pizza. I got brussel sprouts, onions, and blue cheese on mine. YUM. I love the charred edges and stinky cheese!

IMG_0680 (1)

My Aunt had carrot cake at a party during the summer. I never enjoyed carrot cake before this cake because I am not a fan of cream cheese frosting (I know!). Unfortunately, we had to special order it 24 hours in advance so we got Wegman‘s carrot cake instead. Oh my LANTA it was amazing. I was worried about the frosting but it tasted more like a mix between buttercream and cream cheese. SO damn good.


Of course, birthday cards + presents. Money and gift cards are the best gifts. Also, lottery cards are a secret obsession of mine. You can never go wrong with those either!


I hope your weekend was amazing!

What is your favorite present to give or receive? Lottery tickets, anyone??